Saturday, March 11, 2017

Another Dorchester Home Sells In Around 24 Hours

You've heard about the great home sellers' markets in Omaha and Lincoln.  

Those are nothing compared to the smoking hot real estate market in the small town of Dorchester. 

This village of around 600 cannot keep quality homes on the market for 24 hours.  

We received word this morning that the home at 808 Washington Ave. (Main Street) -- which was just listed for sale a couple of days ago -- had been sold by Friday.  Despite being a small home of just over 1,000 sq. ft., the 1971 one-story ranch was snapped up quickly.

Just a few weeks ago, the Times reported that a nice home located a half-block west of the school was sold in less than 24 hours after its listing.  That particular home had multiple families looking at it the day it went on the market, and the house was sold for a good amount over the actual asking price, we're told.  

A similar situation occurred last summer when a newer home went up for sale in south Dorchester. 

We don't know if its the threat of rising interest rates; the shortage of new housing; Dorchester's small-town appeal; the village's main street restaurants or cozy feel; the quality community and K-12 school; the attraction of a safe and clean town; or Dorchester school district's lower property taxes.  

"Looks like Dorchester is in serious need of housing," one of the home sellers said. "If you build it they will come!" 

One thing is for sure, good homes are moving very fast in Dorchester.

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