Wednesday, February 22, 2017

NEWS ROUNDUP: Fast Home Sale Demonstrates Need For Newer Housing

Good Housing Sells Fast In Dorchester: More proof of that came this week. As we reported Tuesday, a nice home located just a half-block west of the school, went up for sale.  On Wednesday night, the home's current owner, Stephanni Olson-Renn, reported that less than 24 hours later, the house was sold. A similar situation occurred last summer when a newer home went up for sale in south Dorchester. "Looks like Dorchester is in serious need of housing," Renn said. "If you build it they will come!" 

DHS Students Win BBB Video Contest: Congrats are in order to four Longhorn students for taking first place -- and a $500 award -- in the Better Business Bureau's video contest for the Lincoln Metro and Greater Nebraska area.  As we reported earlier this year, the DHS sports marketing class submitted its commercial for the contest.  The commercial created by the Dorchester students is entitled: “Finding Trust: The Lonely Sow.”  It features a pig -- specifically a sow -- in search of a “hot date.”  She turns to online dating.  To win, their commercial needed online views.  The class’ goal was 1,500 views.  At last check, the commercial had compiled over 1,700 views.  The competition was aimed at giving students the chance to express their creativity while learning the values of BBB: being trustworthy, ethical, reliable and objective. 

DHS Boys Conclude Basketball Season: The Dorchester boys basketball team wrapped up a tough season on Monday night, falling in subdistrict play.  The young DHS squad lost to Lewiston by a count of 59-41. Scorers for the Longhorns were Havlat 8, Cervantes 2, Nelson 22, Hoffman 9.

For Better Or Worse, More Wind Farms Coming To Saline County: Saline County is the focus of two more wind farm projects by Aksamit Resource Management.  According to the Friend newspaper, the company is working on two wind farm projects in western Saline County: Milligan 1 and Milligan 3.  The story notes that Milligan 3 will have 37 turbines with, each tower standing roughly 260 feet tall to the hub with blades 180 feet long. According to ARM’s website, the project is expected to be done near the end of this year.  The larger project, Milligan 1, is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, and will have 87 turbines over 30,000 acres. Each tower will be 384 feet tall with 207 foot blades.  "According to county assessor Brandi Kelly, the turbines will not affect property values," but there is local speculation that the development could devastate the property values of homes in that area.  While some call this economic development, critics note that solar energy is becoming much more attractive, is more reliable, and cause less visual and noise polution than wind farms.  Moreover, critics have noted that if subsidies for wind go dry, the county or landowners could be left with the deconstruction costs since the developers would almost certainly be bankrupt by that time.

Another Saline County Bridge Closing: The Friend newspaper reports that the bridge on County Road S between Highway 15 and County Road 1200 will be vacated.  County commissioners voted 4-1 to close the bridge earlier this month.  The bridge over Spring Creek, located about three miles northeast of Western, washed out in the May 7, 2015, storm.

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