Thursday, May 5, 2016

NEWS ROUNDUP: DHS Shines At CRC Track And Field Meet

It's time to get caught up with the latest news from Dorchester and the surrounding area.  Here's what's trending:

DHS Shines At CRC: At this week's Crossroads Conference track and field competition, the Dorchester girls finished fourth out of the 13 teams competing.  Leading the way were Maru Ruiz who took second place in the 100 meters with a time of 13:20; Lydia Wells who took second in the discus with a throw of 98-2; Bailey Velder who won the shot put with a toss of 38-3 1/2, followed by third-place finisher Avery Behrens who had a toss of 35-0; and Jacee Weber who won the long jump with a finish of 16-4, and won the triple jump with a mark of 36-7 3/4.  Impressive performance ladies. Now if you can just convince more DHS boys to go out for more sports.

Legion Club To Open On Sundays?: At this point it is still hearsay, but the Times has received word from a reliable source that the Dorchester American Legion, along with the Sons of the American Legion, is looking at opening the Legion club on Sundays to serve beverages and food since City Slickers is closed that day of the week.  According to the reports we've received, there have been discussions of the idea at recent Legion board meetings and there appears to be support among the members since opening the Legion club on Sundays wouldn't hurt City Slickers financially.

Crime Stoppers Signs Go Up:  The Saline County C/URB Coalition unveiled new county Crime Stoppers signs at their regular meeting in April.  You may have seen the new sign on the Dorchester population sign on Highway 33.  These signs are part of the group’s latest project to raise awareness of safety and the prevention of underage risky behaviors.  Crime Stoppers county number is 1-800-345-3361. The signs were delivered to the Nebraska Department of Roads shop in Dorchester for placement.  If community members wish to become involved with this group, or simply wish to be added to the “C/URB” mailing list, please contact the coalition through its chairperson, Tim McDermott, Saline County Commissioner, District 4, at 402-821-3581, or via email,


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