Thursday, January 22, 2015

'Bigfoot-Like' Prints Spotted In Curtis, Neb.

Over the years, the Times has devoted a small amount of space on this blog to the bizarre news from across our state -- including the occasional UFO and Bigfoot (or Sasquatch) story.

We now have another one to add to the mix.

According to a report in the McCook newspaper, a walker on the snow-covered Arrowhead Meadows golf course in Curtis, Neb., last week discovered large barefoot tracks that could be a "Bigfoot-like" creature.

Sharon Jorgensen of Curtis told the Frontier County Enterprise newspaper that she and her dog, Babe, were walking the golf course about 8 a.m., Jan. 15, when they came across the large tracks in the snow between the third fairway and the fourth tee box. The Enterprise reports that the stride of the tracks appears to be about six feet, much larger than any bipedal animal in the area would make. 

The tracks emerged from the heavily-wooded area to the east of the golf course's cart path, traveled up the path, then disappeared into the brush on the east side of the path. 

Golf course superintendent Eric Senff found even more prints in pristine snow, near the area that Jorgensen found the first set of tracks. Senff said he's never seen tracks this big. 

The Enterprise reports that sightings of a "Bigfoot"-type creature are not unheard of in Nebraska, the latest being of a 7-foot-tall hairy creature, upright on two legs, spotted in March 2014 near Linwood, in Butler County.

NBC pulled "Unsolved Mysteries" from the air years ago.  The Dorchester Times will stay on the beat and gladly fill the void.

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