Monday, February 20, 2017

Hastings Conference Revives Memories Of Dorchester's Bigfoot Sightings

You may have heard it reported this past weekend, but Hastings hosted the first-ever Nebraska Bigfoot Conference last Friday and Saturday.

According to the Hastings Tribune, the two-day conference included filmmakers, investigators, researchers and educators.

The Hastings article spotlights a former Benedict resident whose family experienced a Bigfoot encounter in 1973.

The woman is quoted as saying: “A gentlemen from York saw it run across the highway from our house. He doesn’t talk about it anymore, but he came up to my folks’ place and could hardly talk. My mom said his eyes were really big and when he could finally get some words out they called the sheriff.  My boyfriend and I came home from a football game and there were spotlights going in the field and on the road. They were looking for something. That night, everyone was kind of nervous about it. My brother, Gary Reetz, who is seven years older than me, felt like someone was watching him from the barn. He and his buddies got guns out and looked for it.”

According to the story, signs that an intruder had visited the area included a “Stop Ahead” sign pulled out of the ground and left at the scene. Little else was ever mentioned about the incident or subsequent investigation."

The Hastings article recounts other sightings, as well -- from those who attended the conference last weekend.

As faithful readers of this blog know, several years ago, the Dorchester Times published a controversial story about possible Saline County sightings of a Bigfoot -- the elusive forest-dwelling man-ape, also known as a Sasquatch.

As we reported back in 2008, a longtime Dorchester area resident -- now deceased -- once told a Times staff member that he had clearly seen a creature resembling Bigfoot. While his family dismissed the accounts, the elderly resident insisted the creature really existed.

According to the resident, the Bigfoot-like creature was spotted in the woods of Turkey Creek near Pleasant Hill in the mid-1980s. The creature was witnessed for about 30 seconds as the gentleman was driving along what is now County Road II, south of Pleasant Hill.  The creature, described as over 10-feet tall, quickly disappeared into the thick vegetation surrounding the creek, according to the witness' account.

The Times was also told of another Dorchester area resident, a World War II veteran, who had seen what is called "the Johnson Creek monster."  According to our sources, in the early 1970s, this individual and his son saw it several times at their residence, which was near Johnson Creek.  
This individual's son has reported that the entire family once saw it in their yard.  The details given made it sound as though the specimen resembled a traditional Bigfoot as depicted in popular culture, except smaller. It was described as a small, upright ape-like creature.

To be clear, the Dorchester Times is highly skeptical of the existence of Bigfoot. 

Nonetheless, we can't forget the sincere accounts we have heard about the Dorchester area Bigfoot-like creatures.


  1. That wasn't Big Foot. That was just Cynical Richard without his shirt back in his younger days.

  2. Maybe the Times would consider “interviewing” the columnist from the Crete News about this story. After all, Joe Chambers hails from Georgia.

  3. Whatever is in Joe Chamber's pipe isn't nearly as potent as what those other Georgia guys are smoking!

    Where is Senator Karpisek when you need him?

    Big L

  4. There is still a citizen of Dorchester who has seen the Johnson Creek monster. Back when I was in school in the early 70's this individual saw it several times at their residence which is right on Johnson Creek. Indeed, this individuals son, said the whole family once saw it in their yard. I will not devulge the name here, but would consider it in a private message to the investigative reporters of this site.......if they use descretion. He is a WW2 Vet, and do not want him to be thought of disparingly in his twilight years!

    The description is like a Big Foot, except smaller. Described as a small upright ape creature.

    I am skeptical, but we also have to remember that the Gorilla was thought to be a fable right up to the late 19th Century. Could there be a primate like creature that avoids people. Could be. Why not a North American ape?

    I will reserve judgement on the Big Foot until actual proof, but will also not be surprised if it is true. I guess we will see Friday!

    JR Wolfe

    PS For the sake of law enforcement, I hope this Georgia thing does not turn out to be a fraud!

  5. I'm pretty sure I saw "Sasquatch" driving a John Deere 60 barefoot in the snow south and west of town back in the 70's.

  6. I went to school with a couple of sasquatches. These guys had more hair on their back in 4th grade than I had on my head!

  7. My...we have some interesting posters today. I see famed newsman Bill Kurtis has weighed in on the Bigfoot sighting. As for the Class of 84, I remember that era because I graduated from college that year. Things must have been racy for you guys if you had the opportunity to view hairy backs!

  8. Well, it kind of smells like a fraud doesn't it. In fact a fellow was on a national radio show last night claiming this was a suit he designed for Halloween.

    I am awaiting the so called, autopsy! Let the post mortem begin!

    JR Wolfe
    forensic skeptic

  9. Hahahahaha.................... can't believe some of you fell for this ................ you need to quit reading the national inquirer!

  10. JR Wolf in York. Being a somewhat amature legitimate Bigfoot researcher in the local area, I'm intrested in talking to you about the "Johnson Creek Monster"

  11. JR:

    Feel free to shoot us an e-mail at

    We'll be happy to share any information we have.

  12. I grew up in the 70's and heard stories of " The Johnson Creek Monster ", in fact there was a 911 call about a sighting in the last 15 yrs. My father used to see him all the time.I don't recall it was ever during sober times but...

  13. that graphic with this story is sick, sick, sick! you think youre funny but it makes me hate your little blog all that much more!!!

    1. That graphic with this story is funny, funny, funny! The humor makes me love this blog all that much more!!! Keep it up and don't pay any attention to humorless people!

    2. I've always said the people who control the media message, bloggers included, have way more influence over shaping the culture and politics than do elected officials, and I think this site is proof of that fact


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