Thursday, November 5, 2015

Farmers Cooperative Is Among Largest Co-op's In U.S.

By being home to the headquarters of the Farmers Cooperative, Dorchester has an asset the community must not take for granted.
This week, we were reminded of that when the Farmers Cooperative was one of nine Nebraska cooperatives ranked among the top 100 in the country, according to a report by National Cooperative Bank. 
The NCB Co-op 100 list ranks Dorchester-based Farmers Cooperative at No. 75 based on revenue in 2014.  It is the fourth largest ag-based co-op in Nebraska, just behind Aurora Co-op.
Ag Processing Inc. of Omaha was the largest co-op domiciled in Nebraska, and the eighth largest in the country.  Affiliated Foods Midwest, a grocery co-op based in Norfolk, came in No. 23, up from 34th in 2013. It was the only non-agricultural Nebraska co-op on the list.
Other Nebraska co-ops on the NCB Top 100 list and their rankings are as follows: 

FCS of America of Omaha, 57th, up from 71st; Aurora Cooperative Elevator Co.; 71st, down from 54th; Cooperative Producers Inc. of Hastings, 77th, down from 57th; United Farmers Cooperative of York, 87th, no change in rank; Frenchman Valley Farmers Co-op of Imperial, 91st, up from 93rd; and Central Valley Ag Cooperative of Oakland, 93rd, up from 94th.

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