Monday, January 19, 2015

DHS Yearbooks From 1963-1972 Available

The Times has learned that Dorchester High School alum Tom Scheffert -- the longtime president of the DHS Alumni Association -- is willing to part with his extra yearbooks from 1963 through 1972.

If you're looking for a yearbook from that particular 10-year span, it looks like you are in luck.  

But there's a catch.

Tom is willing to let you have a copy of your choice, but to get it, you'll need to donate to a worthy cause -- the Dorchester Alumni Association.

This is a generous gesture on Tom's part, since we know the Alumni Association could use the extra funding to continue its mission.

According to Tom, the condition of each yearbook varies -- so he's willing to work with interested parties on the donation amount based on the book's condition.

If you're interested, call Tom at (402) 641-1148.  

You can also find the annuals on the Seward and Saline County swap markets on Facebook.

We hope each yearbook goes to a good home!

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