Saturday, December 20, 2014

Korean Student Experiences Holiday In Dorchester

A Korean college student was able to experience Thanksgiving in Dorchester last month.  And she's sharing her experience with the student body at the University of Nebraska-Kearney.

Jihyun Kim, an English major at UNK, hails from South Korea.  In the UNK student paper, The Antelope, Kim writes: "It was my first Thanksgiving Day in America, and it was my first Thanksgiving break in Dorchester, a small Nebraska town of about 600 people."

According to Kim's report, her roommate Jordan Sherman, a psychology major from Dorchester, invited her to visit Dorchester and experience a traditional American Thanksgiving day.

Kim writes: "There is a similar holiday like Thanksgiving Day in South Korea; it is called Chuseok. All the family members gather together at their grandparents’ house or the oldest uncle’s house on the day. Also, they prepare lots of Korean foods and share them."

Kim writes that, "This year I learned people in America eat pie, especially pumpkin pie, steamed turkey, ham, various cheeses, mashed potatoes and corn on Thanksgiving Day. ... Thanks to Jordan, I could have my friend feel like family in Dorchester. I could relieve my homesickness thanks to Jordan and her family. If I did not meet my really great roommate, I could not experience such a good day."

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  1. Back in the "40s" they had what I believe was called "The Elevator Feed". It was held in the Community Building (which was much different than the building that is there now). What I remember the most were the delicious glazed donuts. I think they also served hot dogs and had apples and maybe a bag of unshelled peanuts for everyone. We looked forward to this treat back in those days.


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