Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Final Post

In April 2007, the Dorchester Times went online for the first time. Our mission was to fill the void of communication between our fellow residents.

Over the past three and a half years, the Times has broken news stories, published updates and notices, taken polls, addressed important community issues and -- most importantly -- encouraged area residents to start talking more often about their town and the quality of life here.

Tonight, we sign off -- at least for the time being.

To our loyal readers and commentators, we say thank you.

To those who may have disagreed with some of our posts and/or commentary, we say no hard feelings.

From Village Hall, to Dorchester Public School, to main street, to our organizations and volunteer groups, Dorchester is in very capable hands. We hope every member of our community chooses to play an active, positive role in making our town an even better place to live -- to improve the lives of their family members and their neighbors.

Long live Dorchester.

Thieves Rob Dorchester Area Businesses

The Saline County Sheriff's Department tells the Dorchester Times that Sheriff Alan Moore's team is investigating two recent burglaries in the Dorchester area.

According to reports, unknown persons broke into Ben's Iron Grill during the early morning hours of Aug. 4 and removed an undisclosed amount of money and other miscellaneus items.

Also during the morning hours of Aug. 5, unknown persons broke into one of the Dorchester Farmers Cooperative buildings along Highway 33, east of town. The thieves took miscellaneous tools and equipment worth more than $21,000, according to an anonymous source.

Anyone with information regarding either incendent is encouraged to contact the Saline County Sheriff's Office at (402) 821-2111. You may e-mail Sheriff Moore at amoore@sclec-ne.org. Or leave an anonymous tip at Crime Stoppers at 1-800-345-3361.

Man Stabbed At Czech Days

Today's Beatrice Daily Sun includes a story of how an attempted vehicle theft escalated into a stabbing Saturday night during the Czech Festival in Wilber. Randy D. Perry, 24 of Peru was arrested Saturday night after allegedly stabbing Jeremy Samples, 30 of Hickman. Perry is charged with assault in the first degree, use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace. See the story by clicking here.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dorchester Times Offers Services To Other Communities

Blogs like this are an excellent communication tool and information resource for smaller communities. Now the creators and editors of the Dorchester Times are offering their services to other area communities interested in creating websites similar to this blog.

Times staff will utilize Blogger.com to design the website according to the needs of community leaders, who will have the final say regarding the content.

Once website is completed and online, community leaders will be able to update the site themselves. Or, if preferred, Times editors will maintain the site with guidance from individuals in the communities being served.

If you are interested in the Times staff helping you create a blog for your community, please e-mail us at Dorchester.Times@gmail.com for more information.

Construction Boom Continues In Dorchester

In the past few years, Dorchester has experienced a construction boom -- a new shelter at the city park; a new school and campus renovation; a new snack shack and restrooms at Nerud Field; and several commercial building improvements.

This new activity signals positive developments for our community and our citizens' quality of life. Over the past couple of days, construction crews have been busy putting the finishing touches on the seventh additional silo at the Dorchester Farmers Cooperative elevator, the economic hub of our town.

According to sources, the silo represents more than $1 million in additional investment in our community.

That means more property tax revenue for the village (streets, sewer and other projects) and the school.

We applaud leaders at the Cooperative who continue to put Dorchester on the map in the agribusiness world.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is Chester Getting The Boot From DPS?

Could Dorchester Public Schools soon be losing one of its most famous residents?

According to reports posted at the July "Open Forum" post on this website, school officials are currently in discussions about removing Chester, the mounted Longhorn head, from the school gymnasium. Our sources tell us Chester has hung on the north gym wall for nearly 20 years.

The anonymous commentator wrote: "I heard a rumor that the school is considering getting rid of Chester, the longhorn head that has been in the gym, (since it) is a liability hazard ... I was unable to attend the last school board meeting. Is this correct? (Chester) has been a long-time member of the school. What do students and alumni think of this?"

What do you think about the possible removal of Chester? Is it time for the old dude to go? Is he a potential hazard? Or is he a source of school pride and an intimidation factor to opposing teams? Or was he stolen?! Leave your comments here.

Early-Stage Tornado Over Dorchester Spotted On Radar

Tornado spawning activity last night over Dorchester has our community in the news once again. (Ironically, a severe windstorm causing much damage struck Dorchester one year ago today.)

At TheWeatherSpace.com, meteorologist Kevin Martin wrote late last night: "Interesting night we have here as supercells have formed in Nebraska and quickly have been going tornado warned. These cells came without a tornado watch from the Storm Prediction Center over at NOAA."

Martin wrote that several supercells formed in southern Nebraska. With the use of enhanced radar in 3D, Martin found the image of a funnel cloud or even tornado on the ground near Dorchester.

See images of last night's "infant tornado" over Dorchester at this

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mob Grazing, Organic Farm Tours Set For Dorchester Area

The Dorchester Times has learned that a University of Nebraska-Lincoln organic pasture walk featuring mob grazing and two organic farm tours will be offered in our area on Aug. 19 and Aug. 21.

The Aug. 19 pasture walk will begin at 9 a.m. at the Don and Pat Jirsa farm northwest of Dorchester (2040 Saltillo Rd). Don Jirsa will explain his pivot irrigated pasture and mob grazing system, while Terry Gompert, UNL Extension educator, will offer advice and answer questions about mob grazing, which is ultra-high stock-density grazing to ensure that nearly everything in a small area is either eaten or trampled, including weeds and less-palatable grasses. Manure also gets distributed very evenly and also is trampled into the soil, improving soil fertility.

The tour will move to the Welsch's West Blue Farm, at 146 County Rd. 1900 in Saline County, just a half mile south of the West Blue Church. Participants will be able to view a dryland mob grazing system that uses portable fencing and watering systems, and hear helpful suggestions from Crete Lumber and Farm Supply. Free lunch will be provided by the Welsch family followed by a tour of their organic ridge-tilled crops and alfalfa rotation.

The two organic crop and livestock tours will be Aug. 21 east of David City in Butler County. The first tour starts at 1:30 p.m. at the Larry Stanislav farm, 1.75 miles north of Abie. At 3 p.m. participants will move to the second tour at the Ostry Family Farm (2281 Spur 12B Rd.) a half-mile northeast of Bruno on Spur 12B. A free dinner will be provided by the Ostry family at 5 p.m. followed by Czech entertainment by the Ostry Family Singers.

For more information about the tours, contact Dave Welsch at (402) 826-5361. Meals for both tours are free. Call or leave a message with Carol at the Nebraska Great Plains Resource Conservation and Development office at (402) 367-0510 to reserve a meal.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dorchester Booster Club Meeting Next Monday

A new school year is just around the corner, and it's time for an organizational meeting of the DHS Booster Club.

The Booster Club will meet next Monday, August 9, at 7 p.m. in the school cafeteria.

Agenda items include:

a.) Annual Fall Sports Preview
b.) Ordering/Selling Longhorn Apparel
c.) Membership Drive
d.) Other Matters

Your leadership is needed and wanted. All area residents are invited to join the Dorchester Booster Club.