Friday, February 10, 2017

Need A Job? We Have Some Leads For You

Need a job? Know someone who's looking for a job?  

The Times has poured over all our sources to help ensure that Dorchester area residents who want to work can work. 

Specifically, we looked over 
NE Works, a website run by the Nebraska Labor Department.

The agency's site shows 297 job opportunities within 10 minutes of Dorchester, including several in Crete and Milford.  

Among the opportunities nearby are:
  • Miller at The Crete Mills in Crete.
See all the openings by clicking here and entering your zip code and selecting your preferred distance.


  1. some bad news for you ............................... ive already been hired for the horizontal boring job ................................

  2. I live in Lincoln and have it on good authority that big cuts are coming to welfare and food stamps from the state and feds. Looks like lots of people are going to be looking for jobs soon.

  3. Unless one of you are cynical richard, you need to quit posting every one of that smart ass's comments. Most of us don't find him humorous.

    1. Love cynical dick's comments. Hee-haw-larious!


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