Sunday, February 19, 2017

DVFD Fundraiser Draws Huge Numbers

Saturday evening, Feb. 18, the Dorchester Volunteer Fire Department held its first annual chili cook-off at Dorchester's Community Hall and American Legion Hall. (UPDATE:  The winner was Brant Pracheil, while Sharon and Harold Axline took second place; coming in third place was Velder Taxidermy and Big T's Restaurant.)

From all reports e-mailed to the Dorchester Times, the fundraiser was a smashing success. 

One source told us that she estimated around 375 attending the cook-off.

A freak February warm spell likely helped attendance as temperatures pushed 70 degrees as the doors opened at 4:30 p.m.

York's Max Country radio station, 104.9 FM, was even there to provide coverage.

This was a major event for Dorchester's volunteer firefighters and rescue personnel, intended to help provided much needed funds for new equipment and to help cover expenses.

Those who attended were able to sample an amazing array of nine different chili soup concoctions, made by Dorchester business owners.  (Correction: There were nine servers, not eight as we originally reported.)

Businesses that took part in the event were:
  • City Slicker's Restaurant;
  • Novak Auction Service
  • Big T's BBQ Pit Stop;
  • Farmers Cooperative;
  • Sharon Axline's Hair Salon;
  • Tyser Auto Sales/Tyser Repair;
  • BP Agronomics (Brant Pracheil);
  • Bill Velder Taxidermy; and
  • Mrs. G's Country Cooking.
Besides chili, the gathering featured sandwiches, hot dogs and cinnamon rolls (donated by Mrs. G's Country Cooking), along with a silent auction.  The auction's top prize was a seven-night stay in a Florida Keys condo, donated by Greg and Becky Tyser.  Other items an engraved bench, oil changes, radios, fire extinguishers, quilts, lawn chairs, meal certificates at local eateries, toy farm implements, and many other items.

The Times has not yet received word on a dollar amount regarding total funds raised last night, but those attending who we've spoken to said the fundraiser was one of the best community events in recent memory.  One told us, "We wish this were a monthly event."

Must have been some good chili!



  2. Do you have the winners of the cook off?

  3. Do you have the winners of the cook off?

  4. My votes would have been:

    1. Farmers Coop
    2. Velders
    3. City Slickers

  5. i would have voted for the one with pulled pork. Mrs G's i think it was.

  6. How many towns the size of Dorchester could pull off something like this with those types of attendance numbers in this age of social media and cars that can be in Lincoln in 20 minutes? Good job Dorchester, you are a winner in my book.

  7. There were actually 9 chili cookers, you left out Novak Auction Service. I agree it was a huge success and I'm glad that so many people from the area supported, participated in and donated to this event. I look forward to next years event.


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