Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Our Prediction For First Hard Frost Is Still On Track

Way back on Sept. 22, this blog predicted that the first hard, killing frost wouldn't hit Saline County until Nov. 10, 11, or 12.  

We hate to brag, but it appears we're going to be right.  In fact, some long-range forecasts don't have a killing frost (below 30 or 29 degrees) until Nov. 19 or later!

The prolonged heat and humidity wave that has hit Saline County -- and much of the rest of southeast Nebraska -- throughout the autumn has been a bit surprising. And it has the insects, snakes and rodents -- as well as vegetation -- loving it.

If our prediction holds true, it will set a record for the latest first frost ever recorded in our area.  

The current record for latest first frost for our area is Nov. 7, 1956, as some of our readers might recall.  (Note: The first frost record for Omaha is even later, occurring on Nov. 13, 1915.)

As a point of reference, the average first frost date for our area is Oct. 12.


  1. Yeah that's what the Farmers Almanac predicted way to go Dorchester times 4 read the Farmers Almanac

    1. Another proud graduate of Cracker Jack Prize Spelling Academy.


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