Thursday, September 22, 2016

Forecast: Record-Late First Frost Expected Nov. 10-12

Endless summer.

That is how we currently describe the prolonged heat and humidity wave that has Saline County -- and much of the rest of Nebraska -- feeling more like the tropics than it should in mid- to late-September.

For those of you excited for the season's first frost, you have a long wait.

According to the Dorchester Times forecasting and research, the first killing frost won't hit Saline County until November 10, 11 or 12.  

That's more than seven weeks away.

If our prediction holds true, it will set a record for the latest first frost ever recorded in our area.  

The current record for latest first frost for our area is Nov. 7, 1956, as some of our readers might recall.  (Note: The first frost record for Omaha is even later, occurring on Nov. 13, 1915.)

While nighttime lows will drop into the 30s before then, our long-range predictions (using AccuWeather and a few other forecasting services) show that the Dorchester area is going to be much warmer than average this early autumn.

As a point of reference, the average first frost date for our area is Oct. 12.

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  1. Made it October 7, 2016 this time.


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