Monday, November 7, 2016

ONLINE POLL: 90% Want A Splash Pad Water Park In Dorchester

More than 90% of respondents to a Dorchester Times poll want to see a splash pad water park in Dorchester.

The Times used this blog as well as social media to solicit the opinions of our readers. The unscientific poll was conducted for five hours (2 p.m. to 7 p.m.) today, Nov. 7. More than 90% of respondents (90.2%) said yes to the idea of a splash pad project in Dorchester's city park. Only five (9.8%) said no to the proposal.

Last week, the Times reported that on possible plans for a water park splash pad for Dorchester's city park. Through e-mail communication, we are told the Village Board has officially given the project its blessing.

We're told a large, private fundraising effort will need to be headed up by the Dorchester Community Foundation if the splash pad is to become reality.

A Nov. 13 chicken and burger dinner will be held at the Dorchester Community Building as a kickoff for this effort.

Earlier today we were asked by an organizer if we would consider conducting an online poll to gauge how much support there is in the Dorchester area for such a project.

We were happy to help.

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