Wednesday, November 2, 2016

CONFIRMED: Water Park/Splash Pad Planned For Dorchester

Apparently the news is true. 

Earlier this year, the Times reported that one of our staffers had caught wind of possible plans for a water park for downtown Dorchester. 

Through e-mail communication, this blog has confirmed there have indeed been detailed discussions and plans to pursue such a project, which would be located in Dorchester's City Park.  This would certainly be an entertainment boon for area children and families if the project becomes reality.  

We are told the Village Board has officially given the project its blessing, and that a large private fundraising effort will need to be undertaken by the Dorchester Community Foundation through donations.

Sources tell the Dorchester Times that plans call for a large splash pad-type facility. 

According to several websites we saw, a splash pad has little standing water. Therefore there is no need for lifeguards. Typically there are ground nozzles that spray water upwards out of the splash pad. Typically, there are also many other water features such as a rainbow (semicircular pipe shower) or a tree shower. 

Some splash pads feature movable nozzles similar to those found on fire trucks to allow users to spray others.  The showers and ground nozzles are often controlled by a hand activated-motion sensor, to run for limited time. These splash pads are often surfaced in textured non-slip concrete or in crumb rubber.


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  1. So nice you guys publish some positive news!


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