Wednesday, April 6, 2016

COMMENTARY: Separating The In's From The Out's

Every community in America has them: leaders; movers and shakers; people who make things happen.

And every community has those on the other end of the spectrum: the nay-sayers; the sticks in the mud; those would would rather complain than work to better their own corner of the world.

With this in mind, we share with our readers an article published in the North Platte Telegraph a decade ago. Written by former Telegraph reporter Mary Ann Koch, the piece concludes that residents in any community belong to one of two groups -- the "Ins" and the "Outs."

Read this short piece and let's all ask ourselves: To which group do I belong?

Separating the Ins from the Outs

There is an easy way to tell the “Ins” from the “Outs” in a community -- any community.

The Ins are the people who spend long, hard hours working for community improvement. The Outs are the people who spend their time and energy being critical.

The Ins invest hours in meetings, organizing programs and weighing alternatives. They are usually generous in their opinions of others, knowing that anything to be done must be done with the help of others. 

The Outs invest in gossip, repeating rumors without regard for truth, and spreading resentment and frustration.

The Ins see a need in the community and try to do something constructive to meet that need. The Outs complain about everything the community lacks and find fault with everyone who tries to do anything about it.

The Ins get their names in the news because they are news makers. The Outs don’t get involved.

The Ins look for the best in people and believe that people do the very best they can in a given situation. The Outs are sure that everyone in the public eye is crooked and has a selfish motive for everything.

The Ins believe a person who has accumulated material wealth has worked hard and deserves that wealth. The Outs believe a wealthy person got that way in some dishonest manner or simply inherited it all.

The Ins are doers. The Outs are talkers.

The Ins are positive. The Outs are negative.

Which one are you?

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