Thursday, February 25, 2016

NEWS ROUNDUP: Water Park Rumors Confirmed; City Slickers Grill Opens Monday

Water Park Rumor Seems To Have Legs: Earlier this month, the Times reported that our staff had caught wind of a possible water park soon coming to Dorchester.  We have confirmation now that there are discussions and plans to pursue such a project.  This would certainly be an entertainment boon for area children and families, if the project becomes reality.  We don't have any further details right now, other than that the Village Board has not yet officially signed off on the project and that a large private fundraising effort would be necessary.

City Slickers' New Grill Opens Monday:  The wait is finally over. City Slickers' new grill and completely refurbished dinning quarters will be open starting Monday. City Slickers' Facebook account announced the news.  In other breaking news, we've learned Tyser Auto Sales will be hosting the "First Grand Re-Opening Wings Night" at City Slicker's this coming Thursday, March 3.  The City Slickers' grill has been closed since mid-November when a minor fire caused smoke damage and shut down the establishment for several weeks.  Earlier this month, City Slickers unveiled the outdoor portion of their renovation, revealing three new and attractive windows on the north section of the establishment. The new-and-improved City Slickers' features: a new kitchen; much larger dining area, with many tables separate from the bar area for a pleasant dining experience; deluxe salad bar; a pool area; and a dance floor with a band/DJ area.  

Job Opportunities Available At City Slickers:  Early work experiences play a critical role in youth development.  All of us over a certain age remember working summer jobs or after school or on the farm. (Most of us had no choice, thanks to dad.)  These jobs allowed us to explore career options, discover personal interests and strengths, learn about work culture, develop skills and earn a paycheck. Yet fewer high school kids today -- even in rural communities -- work to earn a part-time paycheck.  We thought we'd share the news that the refurbished City Slickers Bar and Grill in downtown Dorchester is currently seeking cooks and wait staff to work a variety of shifts. Apply within or call (402) 946-2171.

Design A Flag For Saline County:  The Saline County Identity and Marking Committee is working to engage local schools and the community at large to create a flag design and a seal that will be symbolic and meaningful in its description of the county and its people. The contest will run until May 26 at 5 p.m.  Entries can be in various forms; chalk, pencil, water colors, paint, and digital files submitted in PDF, JPG or PNG format. Eligible submissions for all designs will be accepted if participants are current residents or full-time students in Saline County. Complete contest criteria and submission forms can be found on the Saline County website at or by visiting the County Clerk at the courthouse in Wilber.

Insanity Disguised As Political Correctness In Oklahoma:  The University of Oklahoma’s College of Engineering made news by celebrating its “year of diversity” -- and in doing so, attempting to shame white students by telling them to own up to their “white privilege.”  The college placed red “footprints” in the college hallways, with each footprint inscribed with sayings like, “It’s not your fault if you experience privilege; it’s your fault if you deny it."  Another said that only a small percentage of all engineering Ph.D.s went to African Americans last year. (Note: African American's comprise only 12.5% of the overall U.S. population.)  Dividing young people by having them focus on their differences via a dumbed-down, race-based campaign achieved only one thing -- it made the holier-than-thou organizers feel better about themselves. To the bleeding hearts at OU (and NU, in case this story gives Chancellor Harvey Perlman any ideas): If you really want to cleanse your mortal souls for the sins of your white privilege, get your engineering degree and your teaching certificate. Then take a job at the worst inner-city and poor rural school you can find.  You'll find privilege has more to do with economics, family structure, morality, work ethic and discipline than skin color.  We could all play victim for one reason or another.


  1. This would be YUUUUUUUUGE if true

  2. A water park would be a GREAT addition to the town. Hopefully it would make more people want to move here. Now we just need more houses built(and paved roads wouldn't hurt either) Great to hear the bar will start serving food again!

  3. What a great idea. Wish there has been one 40 years ago...or more.

  4. This would be a great chance for the board to vote on at least some version of paving. :)


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