Tuesday, February 9, 2016

NEWS ROUNDUP: City Slickers Grill, Water Park Rumors

Here is the latest news fit to print:

City Slickers' New Grill Is Nearly Ready:  Back in November, Dorchester area residents were biting their nails in anticipation, awaiting the completion of the renovation at Dorchester's City Slickers Bar and Grill.  Then a fire broke out at the establishment formerly known as Joe's Place.  Whlle the bar itself has been reopened for over a month, the new grill has been on hold.  Now the Times has learned from City Slickers' social media account that Dorchester's favorite establishment will soon have its new grill up in running, likely within days.  The new-and-improved City Slickers' features: a new kitchen; much larger dining area, with many tables separate from the bar area for a pleasant dining experience; and a dance floor with a band/DJ area.  Many dollars have been poured into City Slickers for its new interior and structural reinforcements. If you haven't seen inside City Slickers within the past month, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Water Park Coming To Dorchester?:  The word is that a new water park may soon be coming to Dorchester.  This would certainly be an entertainment boon for area kids, if true.  We don't have any details and at this point, there is nobody we spoke to willing to confirm or deny such plans.  But a couple of sources say discussions are at least in the early stages and that more could be known in the coming weeks or months.  Stay tuned.

A Needless Loss Of Life In Omaha:  It's heartbreaking to hear the news about the 19-year-old drunk driver who killed 21-year-old Sarah Root in Omaha two weekends ago.  Root had just graduated from Bellevue University with a 4.0 GPA, while the inebriated Eswin Mejia was street racing under the influence, with a blood-alcohol level of .241 and driving on a suspended license, when he slammed into Root's SUV as it was stopped at an Omaha intersection.  It's bad enough Mejia is out of jail on just $5,000 after a judge set his bond too low.  It also appears Mejia was in the United States illegally -- he's what we used to call an illegal alien.  His taxpayer-funded attorney, Owais Tomas Campbell, excuses illegal immigration and says that shouldn't be an issue, while Miss Root's family knows that if immigration law was enforced, this tragedy would not have occurred. News like this makes it painfully obvious why the brash, boisterous Donald Trump is leading in  the polls.  Many Americans have had enough. (UPDATE: Thanks to the lenient judge, the Omaha police department’s refusal to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and ICE’s failure to issue a detainer, illegal alien murderer Eswin Mejia is on the run and may never serve time for killing 21-year-old Sarah Root. Click here for the latest.)


  1. A waterpark in Dorchester? Right, Good one. Believe when I see it.

  2. why waste the money and who's going to maintain the water park????????????

  3. I like the idea of a water park and if its private money, why the heck not. I sure would have enjoyed it when I was in town as a kid. Best part is you won't need to post a sign that says "welcome to our OOL. Notice there is no "P" in it. Please keep it that way." When we went to a local pool last summer, it was more urine than it was water. Who wants to swim in other peoples bath water?!

  4. #1 I am glad to hear that City Slickers is close to opening. I think our little village needs it and as one, I've missed it.
    #2 Yea for people trying to do something positive for our youth! I hope it goes and many Dorchester kids get to enjoy it.
    #3 I am so sorry about the young student that was killed by a drunk driver and my prayers go out to her family. I don't understand our tolerance for illegal immigrants. Why a 5000.00 dollar bail??? How has our country...the USA...become so broken?


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