Monday, February 29, 2016

NEWS ROUNDUP: City Slickers' Wing Night, DPS' Super Readers

Here's the latest news from Dorchester and the surrounding area:

Thursday Night is Wing Night at City Slickers:  According to Tyser Auto Sales' Facebook account, Dorchester's auto dealer is helping put on this Thursday's (March 3) wing night at City Slickers.  "Greg likes herb garlic. Becky likes sweet chili," the post reads. Tyser Auto Sales will have koozies, NASCAR calendars and more. Best wings around and $1 Busch Light draws, according to information online.

City Slickers Now Features Mega TV:  The new and improved City Slickers has installed a 75" television in the new dining area.  This is on top of all the other upgrades.  For those wondering what this Saturday's specials are, get ready for prime rib, rib eye, flat iron, and steak and shrimp.  These entrees include potato, garlic bread, and the new 12-foot salad bar.  Regular menu also available.  City Slickers' lunch hours are 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., while the grill is open for supper 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Dorchester School's Excellence Rally is March 18:  DPS' Elementary Excellence Rally will be held Friday, March 18 at 3:15 p.m. in the gym.  Parents, grandparents and members of the community are encouraged to help Dorchester's youth celebrate their scholastic achievements.

Dorchester Elementary Has Rock Star Readers:  On Thursday, March 3, the annual Saline Co. Reading Competition will be held at the Crete Lutheran Church.  Several Longhorns from Dorchester Elementary will be competing due to their strong reading abilities at a young age.  From DPS' 3rd and 4th grade division will be Baylor Behrens, Angelina Cornejo, Isabella Cornejo, Lauren Corning, Lesli Kratochvil, Isaac Lanham, Andrea Pavlish, Ownen Vyhnalek, Quinn Kasl, Amber Kotas, Addison Lehr, Mackenzie Luzum, Dean Plouzek, Jacob Weber, Trinity Williamson and Atley Zoubek.  Competing in the 5th and 6th grade division will be Jacob Cerny, Cassandra Cervantes, Kiarra Corning, Bayli Kratochvil and Madision Sherwood.  Congratulations to these hard working Longhorns -- and good luck.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

So You Want To Start A Small Town Business?

We all know individuals who have told us they'd love to start their own business in our community or reinvigorate downtown Dorchester.  From services, to housing, to retail, we've heard dozens of great ideas.  But making those ideas reality takes tough work and a stomach for risk.  There is help out there, such as the Nebraska Business Development Center or the Nebraska Dept. of Economic Development.  But you need to have a game plan first.

In an effort to encourage more would-be entrepreneurs, we searched a number of websites and publications and found several common themes that need to be considered by those who want to start their own operation in a small town, as well as those who are already in business. Here are some key tips:
  • Be realistic, then be prepared.  Only 50% of small businesses survive the first year of operation. As many as 80% to 90% fail by the end of the tenth year. Most of these failures could have been prevented by if the business owners had been more conscious and had a better game plan.  Most potential business owners know the product or procedures in producing what will be sold but very little about the day to day operation of the business. You will also need a solid plan to request financial aid from banks or investors. They are going to want to know how you plan to make the business a success.  Then it will be vital to revise your business plan on a regular basis.
  • Talk to others who have opened businesses recently. What challenges have they faced? What works and what does not? What appeals to community members and what does not? Our suggestion: Do your research with business owners and potential customers.
  • If nobody has opened a business for awhile, dig deeper. Maybe there is no market. Or maybe they're just waiting for you to arrive. Sometimes a new business can generate demand. Our suggestion: Questions to ponder are: What are people willing to drive to Dorchester from Crete, Seward or Lincoln for?  What can you do in Dorchester that will also allow you to market your services or goods online?
  • Make a great first impression. Promotion isn't hard in a small town. Ten minutes after you've opened, everyone will know. Your first impression will linger a long time -- good or bad.
  • Uncover the town's market and memory.  Whether a business in Dorchester closed a year ago or 20 years ago, it seems everyone miss it now.  That's where a wonderful opportunity exists.
  • Prepare to do most of the work yourself. In a small town, you can have trouble finding good help. The local work ethic may surprise you -- in either direction.  Our suggestion: Most well-planned small businesses can make enough money to be successful if they don't go overboard with labor costs or become overly dependent on the local workforce.
  • Know your community. Enough said.
  • Build relationships. If you can attract a town leader, you'll draw a following. Conversely, if you inadvertently alienate a key player, you'll be miserable. And in a small town, business owners are expected to be super citizens. Prepare for all sorts of requests to donate time, materials and money.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

NEWS ROUNDUP: Water Park Rumors Confirmed; City Slickers Grill Opens Monday

Water Park Rumor Seems To Have Legs: Earlier this month, the Times reported that our staff had caught wind of a possible water park soon coming to Dorchester.  We have confirmation now that there are discussions and plans to pursue such a project.  This would certainly be an entertainment boon for area children and families, if the project becomes reality.  We don't have any further details right now, other than that the Village Board has not yet officially signed off on the project and that a large private fundraising effort would be necessary.

City Slickers' New Grill Opens Monday:  The wait is finally over. City Slickers' new grill and completely refurbished dinning quarters will be open starting Monday. City Slickers' Facebook account announced the news.  In other breaking news, we've learned Tyser Auto Sales will be hosting the "First Grand Re-Opening Wings Night" at City Slicker's this coming Thursday, March 3.  The City Slickers' grill has been closed since mid-November when a minor fire caused smoke damage and shut down the establishment for several weeks.  Earlier this month, City Slickers unveiled the outdoor portion of their renovation, revealing three new and attractive windows on the north section of the establishment. The new-and-improved City Slickers' features: a new kitchen; much larger dining area, with many tables separate from the bar area for a pleasant dining experience; deluxe salad bar; a pool area; and a dance floor with a band/DJ area.  

Job Opportunities Available At City Slickers:  Early work experiences play a critical role in youth development.  All of us over a certain age remember working summer jobs or after school or on the farm. (Most of us had no choice, thanks to dad.)  These jobs allowed us to explore career options, discover personal interests and strengths, learn about work culture, develop skills and earn a paycheck. Yet fewer high school kids today -- even in rural communities -- work to earn a part-time paycheck.  We thought we'd share the news that the refurbished City Slickers Bar and Grill in downtown Dorchester is currently seeking cooks and wait staff to work a variety of shifts. Apply within or call (402) 946-2171.

Design A Flag For Saline County:  The Saline County Identity and Marking Committee is working to engage local schools and the community at large to create a flag design and a seal that will be symbolic and meaningful in its description of the county and its people. The contest will run until May 26 at 5 p.m.  Entries can be in various forms; chalk, pencil, water colors, paint, and digital files submitted in PDF, JPG or PNG format. Eligible submissions for all designs will be accepted if participants are current residents or full-time students in Saline County. Complete contest criteria and submission forms can be found on the Saline County website at or by visiting the County Clerk at the courthouse in Wilber.

Insanity Disguised As Political Correctness In Oklahoma:  The University of Oklahoma’s College of Engineering made news by celebrating its “year of diversity” -- and in doing so, attempting to shame white students by telling them to own up to their “white privilege.”  The college placed red “footprints” in the college hallways, with each footprint inscribed with sayings like, “It’s not your fault if you experience privilege; it’s your fault if you deny it."  Another said that only a small percentage of all engineering Ph.D.s went to African Americans last year. (Note: African American's comprise only 12.5% of the overall U.S. population.)  Dividing young people by having them focus on their differences via a dumbed-down, race-based campaign achieved only one thing -- it made the holier-than-thou organizers feel better about themselves. To the bleeding hearts at OU (and NU, in case this story gives Chancellor Harvey Perlman any ideas): If you really want to cleanse your mortal souls for the sins of your white privilege, get your engineering degree and your teaching certificate. Then take a job at the worst inner-city and poor rural school you can find.  You'll find privilege has more to do with economics, family structure, morality, work ethic and discipline than skin color.  We could all play victim for one reason or another.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

USDA Seeks Project Proposals To Support Rural Businesses

USDA Rural Development has announced that Nebraska producers can benefit from the 2016 Value-Added Producer Grant (VAPG) program.  VAPG awards competitive grants that facilitate the creation and development of value-added, famer-owned businesses.  The VAPG program will have additional funding compared to recent years, because of authorizations in the 2014 Farm Bill. 

The VAPG program contributes to business creation in rural areas, while also enhancing food choices for consumers.  Independent agricultural producers, farmer or rancher cooperatives, and producer controlled entities are eligible.  VAPG grants may be used for planning activities or working capital expenses related to producing or marketing a value-added product. 

Since the inception of the program, Nebraska’s USDA Rural Development has awarded 104 Value-Added Producer Grants totaling $11.8 million.  To discuss applicant and project eligibility or for more information on the VAPG program, please contact the following Business Program Specialists: Brant Richardson, or (402) 437-5568; or Daniel Janke, or (402) 371-5350 Extension 115.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

FLASHBACK: Joe's Place Became City Slickers Three Years Ago

(Note: This article ran at the Times in early April 2013.)

Back in 2009, Dorchester residents and natives -- even this blog's staffers -- were ecstatic about the return of Joe's Place Bar and Grill.  

In the years that have followed, Joe's Place owners Rob Parks and Sherri Jones-Parks, along with their staff, have done a fantastic with the place.

In late 2009, Jones-Parks said: "Our goal is to honor Joe (Ladman) himself by turning the bar into the hometown, friendly place where everyone knows your name, just like it was when he owned and operated it."

Joe's has been that place for our community for decades.

Unfortunately, the Times has learned from a couple of sources that Joe's Place may be, or already has been, sold.  

One of the sources say a potential buyer is from Lincoln.  This information has not been confirmed with the Parks family.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Village: You Plug It, You Pay!

"You can't fix stupid," goes the old saying.  Perhaps that's true.

But the Village of Dorchester is at least trying to fix some very stupid activities taking place in Dorchester bathrooms.

Village Hall has posted on its website a reminder that if you plug a village sewer line due to flushing items or material that weren't meant to be flushed, it could cost you a lot of money -- hundreds or thousands of dollars.  You will be held financially accountable, even if your children did it.  Even if your dog did it.  Even if you thought the item was flushable.

The village office has posted a warning to not flush the following down your toilet:
  • Baby wipes and/or diapers;
  • Towels;
  • Rags;
  • Cotton swabs;
  • Syringes;
  • Candy wrappers or other type of wrappers or packaging;
  • Toys;
  • Cleaning sponges;
  • Clothing labels;
  • Hair (yes, ladies -- this means you);
  • Cigarette butts; 
  • Rubber items;
  • Aquarium gravel;
  • Sand;
  • Disposable toilet cleaners;
  • Sanitary napkins; 
  • Underwear.

It's hard to believe that such a list needs to be published.  

But maybe the threat of a massive, four-figure bill coming to your mailbox -- if your sewer lines get clogged -- is a good reminder for all of us to be a bit wiser before we consider flushing something other than what toilets were made for.

Remember, you plug it, you pay for it.  

Happy flushing!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

NEWS ROUNDUP: City Slickers Grill Expected To Be Serving Within Days

City Slickers' Grill Could Be Operational By Next Week: Several sources say that City Slickers' new grill and completely refurbished dinning quarters could be open by next week. Our scoop was confirmed when City Slickers' Facebook account announced that inspections will be Thursday, Friday and Monday. The grill has been closed since mid-November when a minor fire caused smoke damage and shut down the establishment for several weeks.  Last week, City Slickers unveiled the outdoor portion of their renovation, revealing three new and attractive windows on the north section of the establishment. The new-and-improved City Slickers' features: a new kitchen; much larger dining area, with many tables separate from the bar area for a pleasant dining experience; deluxe salad bar; a pool area; and a dance floor with a band/DJ area.  Many, many dollars have been poured into City Slickers for its new interior and structural reinforcements. Word is there may be a line to get into the place once the grill is fired up.

Farm Show At Saline Center Next Wednesday: The Southeast Nebraska Farm Show is coming to Saline Center Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 24, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  The theme this year is “Showcasing Nebraska Agriculture”  The event is sponsored by the Wilber-Clatonia FFA Alumni and admission is free of charge to all agricultural producers. A pork meal will be served from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and a silent auction will be held during the Farm Show to further support the Wilber-Clatonia FFA Chapter and to provide scholarships for FFA members.  To get to Saline Center from Dorchester, go three miles west on Highway 33 to Highway 15, then nine miles south on Highway 15 (Highway 15 and County Road M).

Exeter Moves Ahead To Tear Down Historic Building On Main Street:  Recently, the Exeter Village Board unanimously approved a motion to seek bids to tear down the old Tag factory.  The two-story building is in disrepair and appears to be a safety concern.  This is a reminder for Dorchester and every other community with neglected old buildings: once they are gone, they are gone forever.  Even if something is rebuilt in the space left behind, it will likely be a tin building, with little character or eye appeal.  When it comes to old buildings, you only get one shot to preserve the past.

Nebraska Robotics Expo Is Saturday: Are the kids looking for something to do this weekend? The Strategic Air and Space Museum near Ashland is hosting the 7th Annual Nebraska Robotics Expo on Saturday, Feb. 20.  Nebraska students, team leaders and math and science teachers from the four corners of the state will gather for the event that features two big robotics competitions.  The public is invited to attend and are encouraged to participate with many of the activities.  The opening ceremonies start at 8:30 a.m.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

ALERT: Dorchester Legion To Discuss Future Of Club On Feb. 18

The Times has learned via social media that the Dorchester American Legion is hoping to attract several members from the community to its February 18 meeting at 7 p.m. at the Legion Hall.  

According to the Legion's Facebook post, the Legion members want to discuss the future of the club and its operations going forward. 

The Legion's post reads: "If you are a Dorchester area veteran, or son, grandson or great-grandson of a Dorchester Legion member (living or deceased), you are asked to attend the Dorchester Legion's February monthly meeting ... Please help us spread the word."

According to the Legion's posting, discussion this Thursday, February 18, will include ways to get Sons of the American Legion "more active in Legion activities and eventually take over management of the Legion club."

The Legion members note that they "would like to get as many S.A.L. members (or potential S.A.L. members) as possible to the meeting to begin the discussions and turn-over process. 

The Legion concludes with this: "The long term challenge facing the Dorchester Legion is not as much financial as it is participation and volunteers. If you want to see the Legion survive into the next decade, we need your participation. Other area Legion posts, such as Milligan's, have made this transition and done so successfully. We hope you'll be part of the solution."


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Roger And Marilyn Wolfe Celebrate 60 Years This Week

There was a lot going on 60 years ago.

Some of the major events of 1956 include:

  • Elvis Presley entered the music charts for the first time with Heartbreak Hotel.
  • Norma Jean Mortenson legally changed her name to Marilyn Monroe.
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 500 for the first time.
  • The Interstate Highway System was authorized.
  • And Roger and Marilyn Wolfe got married on Feb. 19, 1956 at the United Methodist Church in Swanton. 

The Wolfe family would like to wish Roger and Marilyn a happy 60th wedding anniversary. Their family includes, their children JR, Diane, Julie and Christian; sons-in-laws and daughter-in-law; sister Corrine; grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

Those who wish to tell the Wolfe's happy anniversary may do so by sending notes or cards to: 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wolfe
P.O. Box 195 
Dorchester, NE 68343

DHS Girls Win Final Two Games Of Regular Season; Chris Nelson Heads To State

On Friday and Saturday nights, the Dorchester girls basketball team won their last two regular season contests of the 2015-16 season to finish two games over the .500 mark.  

The wins give the 12-10 Lady Longhorns some strong momentum as they head into sub-district competition this week.

Although DHS was tripped up 30-60 by a strong Hampton team last Tuesday at home, DHS bounced back to score impressive wins against McCool Junction (50-23) on Friday and at Parkview Christian (45-20) Saturday.

The DHS girls will need to be at their best due to the stiff competition in Subdistrict D2-2, which will be played at Centennial High School.  

The Lady Longhorns will face off against No. 1 seeded Exeter-Milligan (16-4) in the 6 p.m. game on Tuesday, Feb. 16.  If DHS should pull off the upset, they would take on the winner of the Hampton (18-4) vs. Meridian (11-11) game at 7 p.m. on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the DHS boys basketball team (2-18), with young players and small numbers, picked up a 45-44 victory over McCool Junction this past week.  

The Longhorn men will take on 8-12 Exeter-Milligan on Thursday night in Exeter to wrap up the regular season.

In other DHS sports news, congratulations to DHS' Chris Nelson.  He is Omaha-bound after qualifying for the Nebraska State Wrestling Tournament by capturing third place in the 182 lb. division of the Class B districts in Norfolk by pinning Angelo Lara of York in 40 seconds.

The state wrestling tournament will be held at the Centurylink Center Feb. 18-20.  Click here for more information.

Friday, February 12, 2016

After 24 Years, Dorchester's FBLA Is Thriving

My, how you have grown, Dorchester FBLA.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a nationwide career and technical student organization.  Established in 1940, FBLA is non-profit organization of high school ("FBLA"), middle school ("Middle Level"), and even college ("PBL") students, as well as professional members ("Professional Division"), who primarily help students transition to the business world. 

FBLA is the largest student-run organization in the United States.  It is also one of the top 10 organizations listed by the U.S. Department of Education.

But according to research by the Dorchester Times, Dorchester did not have an FBLA charter until the 1991-92 school year -- 24 years ago.

Dorchester inaugural FBLA group consisted of only 20 members from grades 9-12.  While a small group, it did boast members who competed at the state and even national levels of FBLA competitions, according to the 1991-92 DHS yearbook.

Nearly a quarter century later, while numbers in some other DHS activities have declined, DHS' 2015-16 FBLA membership claims nearly 40 members. This is very impressive growth for a school that remains a Class D school.  (DHS dropped from Class C to Class D in school year 1991-92, ironically.) 

Over the years, Dorchester has become a force to be reckoned within the FBLA universe and its statewide competitions. Last year, Dorchester took second place at the Nebraska FBLA competition for the Market Share Award, for example.

In the 2010-11 school year, Jessica Hansen, who received honorable mention top five percent in the areas of cyber security and sports management at the state FBLA competition, was elected as Nebraska's FBLA state secretary.

Other Dorchester students have served as state FBLA officers, as well, dating back to the 1990s.

The Dorchester Public School community should be proud of its FBLA chapter and the strong interest in business demonstrated by its many students.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Saline County Visitors Committee Announces 2016 Grant Process

Attention Dorchester area groups who are planning activities or attractions that could draw tourists to Saline County: Two separate grant applications are now available for Saline County organizations involved in tourism.  One fund offers monies to promote 2016 events, and the other fund is to be used to improve and enhance tourism sites. 

Interested organizations and groups may pick up both applications at the County Clerk’s Office, Saline County Courthouse, or at the Crete News office.

Completed applications must be submitted to the committee c/o Saline County Clerk, P.O. Box 865, 215 South Court St., Wilber, 68465 by 4 p.m. Friday, March 18.  Recipients will be notified of their grant awards in April; monies will not be distributed until paid receipts are submitted to the committee.  Funding is generated by the Saline County lodging tax.

The Saline County Visitors Advisory Committee, a group of seven representatives from area -- Lorine Mares and Sheryl Kastanek, Wilber, Jim Rischling, Western, and Teri Shestak, Janet Jeffries Beauvais, Deb Polacek, and Inish Amrutlal of Crete.  

The group is appointed by, and reports to, the Saline County Commissioners.  Saline County lodging tax revenue has been used in the past to promote the Western Old Settlers Picnic, the annual Czech Festival in Wilber, Saving Sokol Halloween Festival and Haunted House, county-wide garage sale events, and a variety of holiday festivals, street dances, and other activities.  

For more information about the two funds, the grant process, and/or the duties of the Saline County Visitors Advisory Committee, call chairperson Lorine Mares at (402) 821- 2304.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

NEWS ROUNDUP: City Slickers Grill, Water Park Rumors

Here is the latest news fit to print:

City Slickers' New Grill Is Nearly Ready:  Back in November, Dorchester area residents were biting their nails in anticipation, awaiting the completion of the renovation at Dorchester's City Slickers Bar and Grill.  Then a fire broke out at the establishment formerly known as Joe's Place.  Whlle the bar itself has been reopened for over a month, the new grill has been on hold.  Now the Times has learned from City Slickers' social media account that Dorchester's favorite establishment will soon have its new grill up in running, likely within days.  The new-and-improved City Slickers' features: a new kitchen; much larger dining area, with many tables separate from the bar area for a pleasant dining experience; and a dance floor with a band/DJ area.  Many dollars have been poured into City Slickers for its new interior and structural reinforcements. If you haven't seen inside City Slickers within the past month, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Water Park Coming To Dorchester?:  The word is that a new water park may soon be coming to Dorchester.  This would certainly be an entertainment boon for area kids, if true.  We don't have any details and at this point, there is nobody we spoke to willing to confirm or deny such plans.  But a couple of sources say discussions are at least in the early stages and that more could be known in the coming weeks or months.  Stay tuned.

A Needless Loss Of Life In Omaha:  It's heartbreaking to hear the news about the 19-year-old drunk driver who killed 21-year-old Sarah Root in Omaha two weekends ago.  Root had just graduated from Bellevue University with a 4.0 GPA, while the inebriated Eswin Mejia was street racing under the influence, with a blood-alcohol level of .241 and driving on a suspended license, when he slammed into Root's SUV as it was stopped at an Omaha intersection.  It's bad enough Mejia is out of jail on just $5,000 after a judge set his bond too low.  It also appears Mejia was in the United States illegally -- he's what we used to call an illegal alien.  His taxpayer-funded attorney, Owais Tomas Campbell, excuses illegal immigration and says that shouldn't be an issue, while Miss Root's family knows that if immigration law was enforced, this tragedy would not have occurred. News like this makes it painfully obvious why the brash, boisterous Donald Trump is leading in  the polls.  Many Americans have had enough. (UPDATE: Thanks to the lenient judge, the Omaha police department’s refusal to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and ICE’s failure to issue a detainer, illegal alien murderer Eswin Mejia is on the run and may never serve time for killing 21-year-old Sarah Root. Click here for the latest.)

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lady Longhorns Surging As Season Winds Down

Thanks to two key victories this week, the Dorchester Longhorns girls basketball team have now surpassed the .500 mark, enabling the girls to boast a winning record as they enter the final chapter of the regular season.

The York News-Times covered the DHS ladies and their Thursday win against a Nebraska Lutheran squad that was sporting a 12-5 record coming into the contest.  

The Lady 'Horns hit eight 3-pointers to beat Nebraska Lutheran 53-33.  The 'Horns were lead by Jacee Weber, who scored 18.  See the York newspaper's story by clicking here.  

DHS beat a solid Giltner team 46-38 last night (Friday) thanks to a team-leading 12 points poured in by Makenna Bird and even scoring from six other DHS players.

The DHS girls are now 5-2 after its last seven games.

The Lady Longhorns have positioned themselves to finish strong as the regular season winds down.  Although DHS will face a strong Hampton team (16-4) on Tuesday at home, DHS should pick up at least two more wins against McCool Junction (1-14) on Friday and at Parkview Christian (1-12) next Saturday.

Meanwhile, the DHS boys basketball team, with young players and small numbers, is enduring a building year, posting a 1-16 record thus far.  

The Longhorn men will have opportunities to pick up two victories this week when they take on Hampton and McCool Junction, which claim only five victories combined.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

NEWS ROUNDUP: Alumni Basketball, Transferring Students, Parents Night

Here is the news that is trending in Dorchester right now:

DHS Alumni Basketball Is March 18-20:  School officials say the annual DHS Alumni Basketball Tournament is set for March 18-20.  For alumni who wish to participate, call Brent Zoubek, DPS Activities Director, at (402) 418-1019 or e-mail  The Dorchester Community Foundation steak feed will take place on Saturday, March 19, according to several Dorchester Foundation members.  This should be a swinging weekend in Dorchester, as usual.

Student Transfer Information Due By April 30:  Many students just do better in a small school environment.  Do you know students from nearby communities interested in attending Dorchester Public School -- noted for its caring educators and top-notch faculty? If so, students will need to have their option-enrollment paperwork completed no later than April 30.  Contact the Dorchester School for more details at (402) 946-2781.

DHS Parents' Night Is Feb. 12:  Parents' Night/Senior Night at DHS will be held Friday, Feb. 12.  DHS will take on McCool Junction with girls JV at 4:30 p.m., boys JV at 5:15 p.m., girls varsity at 6:15 p.m. and boys varsity at 8 p.m.  Parents will be introduced at the conclusion of the girls' varsity contest.

Dorchester Jr. High Quiz Bowl Team Takes 3rd Place: According to school officials, Dorchester's Junior High quiz bowl team took third place recently at the twelve-team Crossroads Conference competition.  Team members included Abby Plouzek, Breanna Muff, Lexi Shaw, Ridge Hoffman, Josh Thompson, Mitchell Kratochvil and Jacob Keller.  Alternates were Jacee Zoubek, Alli Novak, Luisa Bonilla and Kohl Tyser.  Sandy Severance was the team's coach.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Scenes From The Groundhog Day Blizzard Of 2016

Courtesy of our Facebook friends and followers, here are scenes from Dorchester and the surrounding area from today -- Feb. 2 -- as residents endure the Groundhog Day Blizzard. By nightfall, between 9" and 10" had fallen in the Dorchester metro, depending where you measured.  Many roads were closed, including I-80, and some areas of eastern Nebraska have lost electricity.  In Dorchester, the electricity stayed on; streets were plowed by early afternoon. The latest forecast update can be seen here.  Ironically, this blizzard hits exactly one year and one day after the worst snowstorm of 2015.

Monday, February 1, 2016

UPDATE: Groundhog Day Blizzard Bringing Up To 12" Of Snow

Latest Forecast:  A winter storm warning is now in effect for Dorchester, Lincoln and surrounding areas from midnight Tuesday to 4 a.m. Wednesday. The National Weather Service says winds of up to 35 mph will blow 6-12 inches of snow on Tuesday.  Higher amounts are possible.  Snow likely won't start adding up until early Tuesday morning.  The blizzard warning covers an area from south-central Nebraska to northwest Iowa, where the heaviest snow and strongest winds are likely. Kearney, Columbus and Sioux City, Iowa, are included in the blizzard warning. Only a few miles could make a difference in snowfall totals. See the latest, up-to-date forecast here.

Radar:  See the latest regional radar imagery by clicking here.

School Closings:  See the area school closings here.

Road Conditions:  Before venturing onto area roads and highway, travelers can check on conditions by calling 511, Nebraska’s Advanced Traveler Information System.  The system can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by dialing 511, or online at or click here.  A Nebraska 511 mobile app is available to download at no cost for smartphone users.  Simply search your app provider for Nebraska 511.