Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Web Search Reveals Many Dorchester Items For Sale

The staff members of the Dorchester Times are often amazed at the wide array of Dorchester-related items for sale on the Internet.

One of the novel items that caught our attention was a t-shirt that read, "It's a Dorchester thing."  For $17.95, you can get this unique piece to show off your hometown pride and be the envy of our village.

We also found this impressive painted map of Dorchester as the community appeared in 1900.

We stumbled upon this photo of the members of the West Dorchester Church -- and this picture of the Dorchester Christian Church.

One of the more notable items our search uncovered was a neon sign honoring the service of the Dorchester Volunteer Fire Department.  It's a remarkable piece.

Then there's this breathtaking 1909 souvenir plate given to the customers of Dorchester's Citizens State Bank more than a century ago.

If you know of other unique or rare Dorchester-related items for sale on the Internet or elsewhere, let us know in the comments section or e-mail us at Dorchester.Times@yahoo.com.

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