Monday, July 27, 2015

Holy Craps! Dorchester's Tom Scheffert Makes National News

Holy craps! Dorchester's Tom Scheffert has made national news. 

Reporting from Deadwood, South Dakota, the Associated Press reported last month that casinos were betting on the introduction of keno, craps and roulette in Deadwood to help reinvigorate the historic Black Hills town and level its odds against gambling hot spots across the country competing to attract players.

The AP story ran in newspapers across the country.

The new forms of gambling were approved by South Dakota voters in November and authorized to begin July 1. 

The AP was able to track down Dorchester's Tom Scheffert, who told the news agency he was planning a trip to Deadwood for the July 1 opening of craps.  (Note: The Dorchester Times delayed running this story so the general public -- and potential thieves -- wouldn't know of Tom's absence from home during this time.)

Scheffert, 61, said he travels across the U.S. playing the game, which he likes for the excitement, the AP reports.  He said he's been to Deadwood before and wished for craps.

"Every year we'll make a couple trips up there," Scheffert said, now that the games are opening. "Before, we were basically never going back."

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