Monday, July 6, 2015

Fairbury Flag Maker Proves That Small Towns Can Bring New Jobs

KETV Channel 7 in Omaha reports that the hum of sewing machines is noticeable in Fairbury, Nebraska. 

After a few larger employers left town several years ago, Fairbury, with just over 3,900 residents, fell on hard times, according to the story.  But MSA Brand Products -- a producer of American flags -- is working to bring manufacturing jobs back to the Jefferson County community.   Not only is the company re-employing some of those who lost their jobs when previous businesses left town, MSA is also one of only a few U.S. companies that produce Old Glory.

A business manager for MSA Products says "made-in-the-USA" American flags are difficult to find since many are now produced in China, but she says the company is making big strides with increased sales in retail stores and online.  The company can also produce flags for cities, schools, organizations or any events. Not sure of what design you'd like? MSA has in-house graphic artists to develop a design for you at no extra charge.  (Click here for MSA's website.)

This story is proof that the right business idea can get off the ground anywhere in rural Nebraska.  Think of this flag business -- which only needs a few employees to make it viable -- in Dorchester.

To those Dorchester residents with dreams of owning their own small business, we encourage you to keep putting together your plan and draw inspiration from stories like this.  

Click here to see the story on MSA Brand Products in Fairbury.

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