Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Cafe Coming To Dorchester

It's some of the most exciting news we have heard in some time regarding Dorchester's
business district.

According to several well-placed sources, a new cafe will soon make its way to the west side of Dorchester's main street.

The cafe will occupy the building that was most recently the Dorchester Hardware Store and the additional space in Dorchester Grocery.  Older residents will remember the site as the former location of the West Side Cafe and Rec Room.

There's no word yet on when the cafe will open, but we are told the owners are individuals with strong Dorchester ties.

Operating a restaurant or cafe in a small community isn't easy, and Dorchester's newest entrepreneurs have a heavy task ahead of them.  We can all recall the short-lived restaurants, ice cream shops, and cafes that have been here in the past.  To be successful, this endeavor will need a unique spin on its operations, good marketing, as well as strong support by the community and area residents.

Community members we spoke with are elated by the news and anxious to see the cafe open.  In a 2010 Times survey, readers said that a "cafe with a bakery" was one of the most needed businesses in Dorchester.  In fact, a cafe commanded the second highest number of votes, behind only a convenience store.



  1. Hi, bloggers.

    Thanks for this news and keeping us informed on town developments. These are the type of stories I want to read.

  2. Wonderfull news. Hope they will consider a small area to sell milk, bread , etc

  3. I'd be there every morning!!!

    - Old Bohunk


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