Saturday, December 23, 2017

Looking Back: The Record-Setting Christmas Blizzard Of 2009

The blizzard of Christmas 2009 was one for the record books. Not even Bing Crosby would have been too happy.

Climatologists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln confirm that year's snowfall was the most snow ever recorded in the Dorchester area on Christmas.

Eight years ago this month, the news wires were abuzz, reporting that most eastern Nebraska residents had lost electricity during the storm. 

Most highways were closed.  Rural residents were literally trapped in their homes as country roads were drifted shut.

The Christmas blizzard of 2009 brought an estimated 11 inches of snow to Dorchester. 

The Lincoln Journal Star reported that December 2009 was the Lincoln area's snowiest December ever, with a total 23 inches on average.

The following pictures were taken in Dorchester in late December 2009, sent to us by Times readers. 

While many of you want a white Christmas, let's hope we don't see a repeat of Christmas 2009 in the near future.

See the Dorchester forecast here.


  1. Glad I don't live in Thayer County. Some of those people were out of power all Christmas weekend. Let's hope the New Year will be better.

  2. is that alaska or nebraska???!!

  3. I bet this makes all those California Longhorns jealous. (Not!)

  4. I would like to say, we are having what I would call a NORMAL Nebraska winter. Just like the ones of the 50's, 60's and early 70's. If you liked this year, wait until you have endured the next say.....30! It is all a big cycle, and we are in the bigging of a new wet cycle. I predict a spring flood!

    This is the real Nebraska I grew up in!

  5. Thanks Ken Siemek

  6. Yes, but if you knew what was going to happen to California over the next 4 years you would be heading east. Anywhere east.

  7. I agree that this weather is similar to the climate of my youth. (i.e. 60's, 70's and 80's)However, I would caution anyone about moving to the East Coast. Too many problems here also. By the way, I worked with Ken Siemek at KOLN/KGIN TV in the early 80's. The blizzard of 1983 was not fun. My lips turned purple while shooting video footage. Bring on the Tom & Jerry's!


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