Monday, August 7, 2017

Readers Ask: Where Can We Purchase Dorchester Road Sign Shirt?

When you have Dorchester on your chest, you're plain cool.  

Everyone knows it.

And whether Dorchester is your hometown or you are just a fan, you'll enjoy this City Limit road sign shirt.

The Times has been hit with requests from readers asking where they can purchase the Dorchester shirt shown here.  

The picture was originally posted on our Vil Dweller Facebook account.

So today we're letting folks know how they can get their own shirt.

It should be noted that the Times and its staffers are in no way affiliated with Zazzle -- the company selling this shirt -- nor can we be held liable for any transaction with the business.  We are simply letting readers know how they can buy this shirt for themselves.

Cost is $18.95 per shirt, according to the website, although it appears that customers can get 15% off by using a code.

See the website by clicking here.

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