Saturday, May 20, 2017

Rainfall Totals For Our Area: Dorchester Gets 5"

This week has been a soaker in Saline County and most of southeast Nebraska.

The Dorchester Times' official rain gauge collected around 4.90" for the week as of late Saturday morning.

Here's a look at rainfall totals across our immediate region according to the NE RAIN reporting program:
  • Swanton area: 5.93"
  • Wilber area: 5.55"
  • DeWitt area: 5.20"
  • Dorchester area: 5.00"
  • Friend area: 4.55"
  • Milford area: 4.48"
  • Tobias area: 4.46"
A flood warning continues for the Big Blue River near Crete, as well as Turkey Creek near Wilber.

At 8:45 a.m. Saturday, the Big Blue River's stage near Crete was 21.5 feet, or 0.5 feet above flood stage. The river will continue rising to near 24.0 feet by this evening. 

The river will fall below flood stage Monday morning.

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  1. 3 days of rain and cool weather are normal for this area, at this time of year. It's called '3 frozen kings days'.
    the bohunks have a special name but since i'm not bohunk, i cannot pronouce or spell it. The normal 3 days are may 15-17 but it has been as early as may 7th and as late as may 25th but it happens every year. This is your history lesson for the day!


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