Monday, April 10, 2017

CRIME ALERT: Crete Woman On The Run From The Law

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A Crete woman is apparently running from the law after helping her Lincoln boyfriend to steal from car washes.

According to the Columbus newspaper, 24-year-old April Fulmer of Crete, who is being sought by authorities after failing to appear for a court hearing in the case, is charged with aiding and abetting burglary and attempted burglary in connection with four break-ins. All of the crimes were recorded by security surveillance equipment.

Fulmer is accused of helping Dustin Fauth of Lincoln for burglarizing Typhoon Car Wash in Columbus on multiple occasions last spring and summer.

Platte County District Court Judge Robert Steinke last week sentenced Fauth to two to three years in prison after scolding the father of three young children, according to the newspaper. 

“You drove from Lincoln to Columbus on multiple occasions because you saw the car wash as too easy a target to pass on,” Steinke told the defendant during sentencing. “It was easier to drive to Columbus and commit burglaries than to go to work.”

Fauth’s lengthy criminal record gave the judge pause. “It’s alarming,” Steinke said. “It tells me you can’t or are unable to learn from your past mistakes.” The Lincoln man has burglary cases pending in district courts in Lancaster and Seward counties.

We at the Times would note this story appeared in the Columbus Telegram one week ago.  We could find no updates on Ms. Fulmer.


  1. Build more jails.

  2. To all those women and girls out there sticking your tongues out for your social media accounts, this criminal shows you how you appear to the outside world, classless and nasty and a good candidate for LOSERVILLE!

  3. You read stuff like this, look at her picture and the deadbeat she was with, realize they are producing babies, and you really have to wonder if the world is coming to an end. It truly isn't getting better, just trashier.

  4. This woman was created in the image of God. "For when WE were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly." This woman appears to be just the kind that Jesus came to seek and to save. How different he is from us.

    1. Amen, but still I say BUILD MORE JAILS. Or if you're a state senator, go ahead and rehab these offenders in your basement.


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