Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Great Ideas Awaiting Dorchester: Housing Construction By Students

Occasionally, we receive some really great ideas in our inbox at  

This week, one such idea was submitted.

As a result, we are starting a new series called "Great Ideas Awaiting Dorchester."

Today's idea centers around Dorchester's need for family housing.

The reader who proposed it called it his "gap housing plan" to fill in vacant lots in and around our community.

Here are the essentials of the "gap housing" proposal:
  • The plan would require school leaders and Dorchester's village board members to coordinate.
  • Using residential lots donated or purchased by the city -- preferably empty or neglected lots within town -- Dorchester students who enroll in industrial arts classes would build a home over the course of one or two school years.
  • Students working on the new house would specialize in areas such as interior design, construction, electrical, plumbing, roofing, etc.
  • Instruction would occasionally be provided by SCC educators from Milford, as well as area contractors and home builders, contracted by DPS.
  • Profit from the sale of the home would be returned to DPS' industrial arts and vocational training programs to boost future efforts.
In an era when educators and parents have awakened to the reality young people need real-world skills before they enter the real world, this idea has merit.

We hope DPS and village leaders will give it some consideration.


  1. Nice! No robots will be taking home construction jobs anytime too soon.

  2. I really like this idea. It could get our school enrollment up, which we really need. The town also needs to get some of the vacant houses on the market and get families moving in.

  3. Marketing your community is so important.


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