Saturday, December 10, 2016

Planning A Home Improvement? You Need A Building Permit

So you are a Dorchester resident -- or nearby resident -- who's planning a home improvement or change to your property soon.

Well, you'll likely need to notify the Village of Dorchester and get a permit.

According to Dorchester's Comprehensive Plan for Zoning and Subdivision Regulations, a building permit is absolutely necessary for properties within a one-mile radius of the village's limits.

Applications are required for:

* New construction.
* Additions.
* Fences.
* Basements.
* Replaced structures.

Permits are needed before work begins.  

Permit applications are reviewed for approval at the village board meeting held at the first of each month, so you should apply for your permit several weeks before starting your project.

When in doubt, always contact the village office first.  Or call 402-946-3201.

Also if you're going to dig, you need to call 811 at least two days before the digging takes place.

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