Monday, December 26, 2016

NEWS ROUNDUP: Three New DPS Board Members Set To Begin Terms

Here's what is trending in Dorchester right now:

  • New School Board Members Will Begin Duties In January:  At the Dorchester Board of Education Meeting held earlier this month, longtime DPS Board members were honored by Superintendent Daryl Schrunk.  Retiring school board members are Brad Havlat (20 years of service); Mark Bors (14 years of service); and Lindsey Zoubek (8 years of service).  Newly elected board members -- Neal Pavlish, Mike Hatfield and Kelli Schweitzer -- will begin their duties in January.  The Board's next meeting will be Jan. 9 at 7 p.m. at the DPS School Library.  It is open to all school district patrons.
  • Opponents Call DHS Administrators Regarding Longhorn Athletes: It is reported that following a December basketball game, officials from the Bruning-Davenport-Shickley School called to commend DHS girls' basketball players for their attitudes, sportsmanship and community service.  "From their smiles and greetings," to their efforts to pick up after the game, BDS told DHS administrators that they were impressed by the character of DHS' girls.
  • DHS To Buy New Wrestling "Under Mat": (Correction: A reader clarified an earlier version of this summary.) Although there are only two DHS wrestlers this season, the DPS School Board recently voted 6-0 to approve the purchase of a new mat to place under the school's wrestling mats.  The cost will be shared 50/50 with the youth wrestling programs, according to DPS Board minutes.
  • Overheard In City Slickers: Last week, we overheard a local resident talking about the Dorchester School's advertisement in The Crete News in an effort to get more option-enrollment students.  This individual suggested that instead of spending advertising money, why not offer current DPS educators a $200/month stipend to live in Dorchester -- especially those with children?  We've heard worse ideas.


  1. The board did not approve the purchase of a new wrestling mat. The board approved the purchase of a mat that goes between the concrete floor and the wrestling mat that allows for air to flow through. This purchase was made to prolong the use of the current mats. The cost is NOT near the cost of a wrestling mat and the cost is being split with the youth wrestling club.

    Offering a stipend to live in Dorchester? Currently there are only 2 teachers with children that don't live in Dorchester. It's an idea... but where are they going to live? Talk to your town board.

  2. My husband and I counted more than 25 vacant homes in Dorchester just during our drive around town looking at Christmas lights. That's a whopping number in a town our size! Why not do what some larger towns are doing and put a vacancy tax on owners of empty homes to encourage owners to rent or sell their properties? Some communities are applying the vacancy tax on homes that have been empty/not on the market for more than a year in the range of 3% to 5% of the assessed value of each home. Couldn't afford to let them sit if that were imposed, but lots of people can afford a few hundred bucks in property taxes for cheap storage. Very unfair to those who live here or want to live here. Not my idea of community.


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