Sunday, December 4, 2016

NEWS ROUNDUP: Dec. 3 Snowfall Brings 4" To Dorchester

Dec. 3 Snow Brought More Than Predicted: Dorchester and the surrounding area received its first snow of the season most of the day on Saturday and well past 10:00 Saturday night.  In town, about 4" of snow accumulated, but it quickly started to melt.  Temperatures by noon Sunday were above 35 degrees.  From Saline Weather Services, here are snowfall totals for the county:

Friend 3.9 inches
Crete 4.0 inches
Dorchester 4.2 inches
Wilber: 4.1 inches
5 SW of Wilber: 4.5 inches
Western: 4.4 inches
Swanton: 4.3 inches
Tobias: 4.0 inches

Another cold front will move through our area Monday night into early Tuesday.  The high Tuesday is estimated to be 32 degrees, 21 degrees on Wednesday, 20 degrees on Thursday and then back up slightly to a high of 25 degrees Friday.  Little if any snow is predicted for our area this week -- except by Frankie the Canadian weatherman.

Legion And Legion Auxiliary Christmas Party/Dinner Is Today:  This evening, Sunday, Dec. 4., the Dorchester Legion and Legion Auxiliary will host their Christmas program and supper.  This popular event begins at 5:30 p.m. and the entire community is invited.

Ryan Keller Wins Over $700 In Dorchester KENO:  Big T's BBQ Pit Stop reports that Ryan Keller of Crete this weekend won $705 in KENO.  Both of Dorchester's dining establishments offer KENO and both have been seeing more sizable winnings as of late, it appears.  Must be the Christmas season.

Time To Repeal Tax Giveaways For Newspapers?:  There has been a lot of talk about the leftward bias in news coverage during and after the presidential election.  Of course, anyone with a functioning brain cell recognizes this.  It's been there since Kennedy took the White House.  That leads us to wonder why Nebraska newspapers (or their subscribers, we should say) are allowed to pay no sales tax. Nebraska's Legislature gave newspapers (publishing at least once a week) this tax break 50 years ago, back in 1967, according to the revenue department. It costs the state about $3.1 million a year.  And for what? A bunch of leftist blather or 24-hour-old news? Heck, this blog gives you that -- and it costs taxpayers absolutely noting.

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