Saturday, October 29, 2016

Dorchester's Farmers Co-op Moves To 61st Largest Co-op In U.S.

Seven Nebraska cooperatives made the National Cooperative Bank's 2016 Co-op 100, two fewer than last year.

Dorchester's Farmers Cooperative, with numerous locations throughout southeast and central Nebraska, as well as northern Kansas, is 61st on the list -- up from 75th last year.  Farmers Co-op made the second largest jump upwards in the rankings of all the Nebraska cooperatives that made the top 100.

Central Valley Ag, which merged with United Farmers Co-op of York last year, surged to 48th place, up from 93rd in 2014. United Farmers had ranked 87th in 2014.

The NCB Co-op 100 list ranks the top co-ops in the country based on revenue. 

Ag Processing Inc. of Omaha was the largest co-op domiciled in Nebraska, and the 10th largest in the country, with 2015 revenue of $4.35 billion, down from $5.08 billion in 2014. AGP's ranking fell from eighth in 2014.

Affiliated Foods Midwest, a grocery co-op based in Norfolk and the only non-agricultural Nebraska co-op on the list, came in No. 30, up from 36th in 2014.  

Other Nebraska co-ops on the NCB Top 100 list and their rankings are: Aurora Cooperative Elevator Co., 68th, up from 71st; FCS of America of Omaha, 71st, down from from 57th; and Cooperative Producers Inc. of Hastings, 98th, down from 77th.


  1. This is pretty neat, but the blocks surrounding the elevator are shot due to all the noise from fans, grain semis and increased train traffic. Would be nice if coop did a project to enhance quality of life around its operations such as beautification, windbreaks/noise buffers, and green space.

  2. Again it is Farmers Cooperative. It is not Dorchester Farmers Cooperative.

    1. Ha. looks like a po'd out of towner whose elevator got bought up. why do they say dorchester on the radio commercials?

    2. Let's have a Farmers Cooperative history lesson. Way back when 2002 2003 can't remember exact year two coop talked and said maybe we are better off together. Those two coop were Dorchester coop and Farmers coop elevator from Plymouth. When the merger took place one coop had more debt the other one had more equity they needed to pay out, so in the end it was about a wash. So they merger was voted on and passed. Now back to the name. It was a formed by bringing a little piece from Dorchester and piece from Plymouth and Farmers cooperative was born. Now to the point of farmers cooperative buying out another coop. To my knowledge it never has. McCool and lushton merged with them. Then countryside out of firth. Now the buy out came when they bought Sanford oil in Beatrice which was privately owned. Then with another merger Farmers Union Coop from Beatrice was apart of the company. Then came Southeast Nebraska Coop which was another merger. Bought pony express truck stop in hanover which also was privately owned. Now September 1 beattie coop also merged with Farmers Cooperative. Now having said all that I gather you are from Dorchester. If Plymouth and Dorchester not merged giving the coop access to the UP Rail line and BNSF rail line would Dorchester still be on its own or would the high freight from charge from BNSF not allowed Dorchester to ship it's grain in a cost effective manner? Look back over the past couple years and look how much grain has been shipped via UP. Is that what brought Southeast down, for they on had access to BNSF. As for Farmers Cooperative it is an excellent company. Seems to me they are getting things done.

    3. C'mon blogsters, fall in line with the branding campaign. ITS NOT DORCHESTER!! Hahahahaahaaha


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