Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dorchester's Andelts Celebrate 50 Years Of Marriage

A lot was happening in 1966.

The federal Medicare program started.

The federal debt was $328.5 billion compared to today's $19.4 trillion.

The number of U.S. deaths in the war in Vietnam more than tripled in 1966.  

A more innocent era slipped away as young people in San Francisco conducted "acid tests" and the hippie and anti-Vietnam movements ramped up.

America experienced its first modern mass shooting in 1966, as sniper Charles Whitman shot and killed 16 people from atop a tower at the University of Texas. In another infamous mass killing, Robert Speck murdered eight nursing students in a Chicago dorm.

On a happier note, actor Ronald Reagan was elected governor of California.

And Larry and Gloria Andelt of Dorchester were getting married.

The Andelts recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in late July.

Their children are Brian Andelt and Healther Davey, Brad and Angela Andelt and Angie and Steve Conner. They also have nine grandchildren.

To celebrate, their family is throwing them a card shower. Cards may be sent to the couple at P.O. Box 118, Dorchester, NE 68343.

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