Wednesday, June 29, 2016

News Round-Up: Greg Tyser, Mystery Woman Get Our 'Good Neighbor' Award

Here's what is trending in Dorchester:

'Good Neighbor' Award Goes To Greg Tyser And Mystery Woman:  Recently seen on social media was a post from Jennifer Kolterman Gaede of Blue Hill, Neb.  Mrs. Kolternman Gaede posted the following: "I want to share a story that helped to restore in me a little bit of faith in mankind.  My son, Gage, and his friend Wyatt were heading back home from Crete on Saturday afternoon. The water pump went out in Gage's Jeep, leaving them on the side of Highway 33 in between Crete and Dorchester.  A very kind woman stopped to see what she could do.  She said she knew a gentleman who owns a repair shop in Dorchester and she had his cell phone number.  She called him and he agreed to head out and see what he could diagnose on the highway. Before leaving them, she asked if they needed food, water or anything else. The boys didn't get her name, but would like to say THANK YOU to our mystery woman, and appreciate what you did for us. So after diagnosing the problem, auto shop owner Greg Tyser took the boys back to Dorchester to the bar, and they waited for my daughter Linsey, who lives in Lincoln, to rescue them. Mr. Tyser went back, towed the jeep back to his shop, and said he would try to fix it so Gage could make it to work Sunday afternoon. He followed through on his promise, and had the Jeep fixed and ready to go by noon -- ON A SUNDAY! Just a great example of small town, good hearted people who are still willing to help those in need. If anyone knows Mr. Tyser or the woman who stopped, give them a hug for me. The world needs more people like you!" 

Dorchester's West Spur Getting Resurfaced: Today, resurfacing started on Dorchester's west spur -- the main connection between the two key arteries that go into Dorchester, Hwy. 33 and Hwy. 6.  The project will likely continue through the week.  Meanwhile, the Nebraska Department of Roads has also started a "chip seal" project on Hwy. 6 near Milford -- and on June 30, a similar project will begin on Hwy. 33 near Crete.  Chip seal is an application of an asphalt binder to a roadway surface followed by an aggregate.  (We think the Dept. of Roads should generously donate any extra materials and manpower to resurface Dorchester's paved streets.  Our wishful thinking.)

Dorchester Legion Auction Moved To Sept. 11:  The Dorchester American Legion has moved its Sportsman/Gun Auction originally set for July 4 to Sunday, Sept. 11.  A social media post from the Legion states: "Please support the Dorchester Legion by consigning your items at this auction. 20% of every sale goes to the Dorchester Legion and 80% goes to the seller. Novak Auction Services is generously donating its services and time, for no profit of its own."  Call one of the following members to describe your item(s) to be on the auction: Roger Glenn (402.946.4181); Tom Cerny (402.381.8049); Jamie Karl (402.418.1021); Kelly Vyhnalek (402.610.5104).

Dorchester Youth Football Camp Set For July 11-12: For Dorchester's future gridiron stars, it is never too early to start brushing up their skills. This is especially important if parents want football to return to DHS and Nerud Field.  On July 11 and 12, DHS football coaches Ryan Voelker and Brent Zoubek will hold the Dorchester Area Youth Football Camp for boys entering grades 3 through 8. The camp will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. both nights at Dorchester's Nerud Field.  Dorchester boys should encourage fellow Dorchester boys to attned. The cost is only $15 per player (make checks payable to Dorchester School). Both payment and entry form are due no later than the day of camp. Participants will receive a Dorchester Longhorns t-shirt.  For more information or to register, contact Brent Zoubek at (402) 418-1019 or Ryan Voelker at 416-8058.

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