Tuesday, June 21, 2016

For Sale: Acreages And Hunting Sites Near Dorchester

This blog has made it a practice to regularly update readers about opportunities to buy homes in Dorchester and the surrounding countryside when they become available.

Today we are alerting readers about opportunities to purchase land near Dorchester to build an acreage or use as a hunting spot.

The first two properties are listed with a firm called Whitetail Properties, headquartered in Illinois.

Both pieces of property are approximately five miles south of Dorchester.

  • County Road 1300:  This 21.5 acre lot is advertised as "a chance to own a small but highly diverse piece of hunting property with good road access, mature timber, shared pond access, and an abundance of deer sign throughout."  Price: $129,000
  • County Road K:  This 27.5 acre plot is being advertised as a "small acreage with great county road access, mature timber, an abundance of oak trees, shared pond access, and good hunting with an abundance of deer sign." Price: $159,000
  • Country Home: For those interested in an affordable home in the country, we found this home at 446 County Road 1700, which is roughly 2.5 miles northeast of Dorchester. Enjoy living in the country in this three bedroom home with updates including, flooring, paint, appliances, furnace and a/c. Is located just a half mile off of the highway, with a large two-stall, detached garage and a machine shed for all your toys. The acres are not exact at this time, but should be close to 2 acres. There will also be an easement to access the property and and easement back to the farmer/land owner for him to access the field and irrigation motor/well.  Price: $159,000.


  1. I would love to build me a house in a FLOOD ZONE, hope that's not actual picture of the acreage for a home

    1. I know where the property is and it's not a flood plain as the comment above insinuates. 21 or 27 acres is a lot of land, you wouldn't have to build next to the pond

  2. Since the comments have started on this story, I'd like to ask this blog and the folks behind it to start profiling some of the dilapidated homes in town that could be fixed up and livable if there was some pressure applied to the owners. We need people living in those areas, not rats. I know every town big and small has problem properties but why do we have to be "every other town." Let's get creative and get pissed!


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