Monday, March 14, 2016

Hundreds Of Jobs Available In Dorchester Area

Need a job? Know someone looking for a job?  

Our town needs more residents of working age.  That's why the folks behind this blog want to help current and potential future residents find a career that allows them to help Dorchester prosper.

The Times has scoured all our sources to ensure that Dorchester area residents who want to work can work. 

Here is what we've found in the current job market:
  •  Check out this site for current openings in the Dorchester area with the U.S. Boarder Patrol, Smithfield Meats, DirectTV, NestlePurina Petcare, and many others.
  • NE Works:  This website, run by the Nebraska Labor Department, shows 247 job opportunities within 10 minutes of Dorchester, including many in Crete and Milford.
  • Village Staff:  The Village of Dorchester is looking for part-time outdoor summer help, as well as a part-time dumpsite attendant.  If you or someone you know is interested, contact Village Hall at (402) 946-3201.
  • Dorchester School:  A business secretary will be needed beginning in at the end of this school year, the Times has been told.  Applicants should use this website for more information.
  • Farmers Cooperative:  Farmers Cooperative, headquartered in Dorchester, currently has 11 openings but none is in Dorchester.  Nearby openings are in Wilber, Milford and Exeter.

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