Tuesday, February 16, 2016

ALERT: Dorchester Legion To Discuss Future Of Club On Feb. 18

The Times has learned via social media that the Dorchester American Legion is hoping to attract several members from the community to its February 18 meeting at 7 p.m. at the Legion Hall.  

According to the Legion's Facebook post, the Legion members want to discuss the future of the club and its operations going forward. 

The Legion's post reads: "If you are a Dorchester area veteran, or son, grandson or great-grandson of a Dorchester Legion member (living or deceased), you are asked to attend the Dorchester Legion's February monthly meeting ... Please help us spread the word."

According to the Legion's posting, discussion this Thursday, February 18, will include ways to get Sons of the American Legion "more active in Legion activities and eventually take over management of the Legion club."

The Legion members note that they "would like to get as many S.A.L. members (or potential S.A.L. members) as possible to the meeting to begin the discussions and turn-over process. 

The Legion concludes with this: "The long term challenge facing the Dorchester Legion is not as much financial as it is participation and volunteers. If you want to see the Legion survive into the next decade, we need your participation. Other area Legion posts, such as Milligan's, have made this transition and done so successfully. We hope you'll be part of the solution."


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  1. It sounds like the sons of the legion will be working with current legion members in an attempt to slowly transition the operational duties to the sons, that's what i was told.


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