Friday, October 9, 2015

Many Dorchester Homes Sporting Classy Halloween Displays

Perhaps you've read about the attention-seeking Ohio family (with very bad judgement) that has displayed in their yard several gruesome decorations -- which include a cocooned corpse hanging from a tree, a body impaled on a stake and a cadaver upside down on a cross.  

That display happens to be a few blocks from an elementary school in Parma, Ohio.

In Dorchester, we have much classier October displays.  In fact, there are some very nice ones that have caught our attention.

Take a stroll through our town of Dorchester and you will find some very creative autumn decorations and Halloween arrangements.

We want to know which Dorchester area homes you think best display the festive fall spirit so readers can check out the decorations for themselves. 

What Dorchester residence gets your vote for best Halloween/autumn home?

Let us know your nomination in the comments section of this post. 

Or e-mail your favorites at


  1. Stephens Street is rocking the halloween decorations, from the home on the corner of 9th street to the two homes at the corner of 11th and stephens

  2. South side of town has neat stuff at Rains, Tuttles, Joyce Karls, Kasls

    1. Also Robin Krivovoloveks at stop lights

  3. You should post pictures. For out of towners

  4. The Well is decorated nicely.

  5. I nominate Hostetlers' home in the NW part of town.

  6. Briggs house is very nice!


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