Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Truth: Loss Of DHS Football Has Hurt Our Town In Many Ways

Earlier this weekend, we posted the following commentary on our Facebook page:  

"For 64 years -- for adults and students -- it was tradition to meet up at Joe's Place to socialize and grab a bite to eat. The loss of DHS football in Dorchester has hurt our community in the areas of economics and camaraderie."

We received a rather direct e-mail in response telling us that the Times should be more supportive of the Dorchester students who are playing this season for the Milford-Dorchester cooperative team.  

The truth is, we couldn't be more supportive of our current DHS kids, or more proud.  And we are grateful the Milford community and MHS administration have welcomed Dorchester student athletes with open arms.

But the truth still stands: Dorchester has been hurt in multiple ways by the loss of its Friday night lights at Nerud Field.  

Think of Dorchester's main street and how it should be lined with cars following a home game -- and how much money that used to bring to town.  Moreover, think of the friendships -- among fellow parents and school staff and even visitors -- that were created and strengthened by football Fridays hosted by our village.

Most importantly, think of the special bond between the students who wore the school colors and played hard for a common cause.

That's what we support.  And it's what we miss.


  1. Should the Dorchester Schools consider reinstating an organized Jr. High Flag Football program? Many of the fundamentals and schemes of the game may be taught without full contact. Would a once lost program stimulate future interest/participation in High School? Just thinkin.........

  2. I live in Dorch and didn't realize the school had done away with flag football for jr. high kids. In this day and age when some parents and some media types bash football for being too violent (this from the same people who will let kids play video games and watch "R" rated movies), my vote would be to bring back flag football and teach the fundamentals for grades 7-8.

  3. I live in Payson,Arizona and our football team are also Longhorns.I make yearly trips to Dorchester for family reunions.I wish the town had a team,but this year did support the Volleyball team and did go to a pancake fundraiser.

  4. C'mon dorchester school board and administration. Why not make flag football part of the 7th and 8th grade required PE class as it used to be?


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