Monday, August 10, 2015

Help Improve Dorchester's Main Street And Grow A Startup Business

If you've ever wanted help improve Dorchester's main street and get a small business off the ground, here's your chance.

As the Times recently reported, renovation is taking place along the west side of Dorchester's main street on the facilities that will soon house the forthcoming Dorchester Bakery.  The new business will be housed just south of the post office.

But restoring an old commercial building is expensive work.  The bakery's owner and operator Michelle Johnson is trying to raise some extra funds on the website

You can click here to donate any amount you wish -- from $1 to $1,0000.

For readers who may have missed our earlier reports, the Dorchester Bakery and the accompanying "Party Room" will be located in the building that was most recently the Dorchester Hardware Store and the additional space in Dorchester Grocery.  

The business is awaiting its permanent move to this location as renovations and repairs are being completed.

In a 2010 Times survey, readers said that a "cafe with a bakery" was one of the most needed businesses in Dorchester. In fact, a cafe commanded the second highest number of votes, behind only a convenience store.

The bakery will create a place for residents to enjoy a cup of coffee and a sweet treat, a luncheon, special order cakes and cookies, and employment for 10 people. It will be the only full-service bakery in the entire county.

Johnson writes: "Could you please let your readers know that I am very thankful for those who have taken the opportunity to stop by The Party Room on Fridays? Their continued support is needed in order to maintain the building in its present state. And although I have set up a GoFundMe account, I certainly don't expect something for nothing. I would actually prefer people stop by and get something for their money. Plus it helps me get acquainted with the residents. And I've met some terrific people so far."

If you would like to help Michelle fulfill her dream of a operating a full-service bakery located on main street Dorchester, simply click here and donate whatever amount you wish.

To see pictures of some of Johnson's baked goods, we suggest you visit her Facebook page.

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  1. What are the hours on Fridays for the Party Room? Would like to stop sometime if it is open.


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