Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DHS Alumni Tourney Wrap-Up Report

The 21st annual Dorchester High School alumni basketball tournament was held March 20-22, 2015.

According to an e-mail sent to the Times, eight teams participated in this year's tournament with nearly 70 players hitting the DHS basketball court.

Each team played four games over three days, which makes us tired just thinking about.

The tournament was won 48-37 by Gene Slama's team, which included the following players: Gene Slama ('65), Mike Feeken ('96), Eric Feeken ('79), Chris Kirkpatrick ('96), Brent Zoubek ('95), Jamie Karl ('92) and Shawn Hostetler ('97). According to the e-mail we received, this team, with the help of Mike Nohavec ('93) and Cory Rains ('96) and Rick Gish ('92), has appeared in 14 championship games over the 21 years and won five of them.

We would like to make an editorial comment here: Readers will note that Gene Slama graduated 50 years ago this May. For those who use age for an excuse, you just ran out of excuses. Congratulations, Gene.  You inspire all of us who remember those fabulous years of DHS sports. (Slama averaged 25 points per game in the 1964-65 season, according to the 1965 DHS yearbook.)

The second-place team was comprised of Jason Elledge ('99), Jason Denker ('00), Brian Bergmeyer ('98), Craig Bergmeyer ('01), Brett Boller ('05), Chris Woerner ('98), Shane Schweitzer ('99), Andy Nichols ('98) and Abe Springer ('01).

The third-place team won in overtime.  It was comprised of the following DHS alums: Brandon Bruha ('09), Kyle Palky ('11), Brandon Zoubek ('10), Matt Carroll ('07), Alex Walton ('10), Bruce Zoubek ('91), Jason Sherman ('08) and Spencer Kotas ('10).

The fourth-place team included the following: Drew Denker ('03), Ross Havlat ('02), Brian Havlat ('03), Jake Bleach ('03), John Havlat ('05), Jeff Weber ('03), Adam Holly ('03), Kelly Vyhnalek ('89), Malinda Havlat ('11) and Lee Stutzman ('02).

We would like to congratulate all those who took the time to support DHS and Dorchester this past weekend.

The Times will publish information on the upcoming alumni golf tournament as it becomes available.


  1. The red team are legends in their own minds. Ha!

  2. That championship team is hands down the most attractive collection of men every assembled in the history of mankind.


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