Sunday, February 22, 2015

Update: Legion Members Seek Ways To Keep Doors Open

The Times has been provided follow-up information to a story reported earlier this week regarding the financial troubles of the Dorchester American Legion, Post #264.

We've learned that Dorchester Legion members met Thursday evening at the Legion Hall to discuss ideas on how to produce more revenue to keep the club functioning in its current location, and how boost involvement from members and the community at large.

More than 30 people were in attendance at Thursday's meeting, we are told via an e-mail.

Among some of the ideas mentioned were raffle drawings, dinner fundraisers, and raising money online.  

It was announced that Rick Thompson donated a mini chopper motorcycle (pictured) that runs and drives.  According to the e-mail, "Dorchester Legion members will soon be selling raffle tickets to win this mini chopper.  The drawing will be held during Dorchester's Fourth of July celebration."

We are told that the fundraising idea that resonated most among Legion members was a gun auction to be held over the Labor Day weekend.  Dorchester auctioneer Col. Darryl Novak of Novak Auction Service volunteered his services for the event, our source said.

According to the e-mail, the Dorchester Legion gun auction is definitely going ahead.  

Our source wrote: "Anyone who has guns or rifles (or equipment related to firearms and/or hunting and/or gun collecting) will be able to sell their items at this auction on Labor Day weekend at the Dorchester Legion.  The Legion will keep a small percentage of the winning bid to help fund its activities and clubhouse."

We are encouraged to hear of this development and hope the community continues to rally to save the Dorchester Legion so that it can continue to serve our area and inhabit its facilities on main street.

In the meantime, if there are Dorchester residents, alumni, or friends of the Dorchester Legion who would like to donate funds to the organization, we're told they should contact Tom Cerny, Post 264 Commander, by phoning (402) 381-8049 or e-mailing


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  1. They could hold monthly poker tournaments


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