Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Source: Dorchester's American Legion Could Shut Doors Forever By April

Last November, on Veterans' Day 2014, this blog composed a tribute to Dorchester's August-Vanek American Legion Post #264.

This May, Dorchester's Legion Post will celebrate its 95th anniversary.

And for 95 years, the Legion and its members have been a key part of community life in Dorchester.  

But now this blog has learned the members of Dorchester Legion members will be holding a special meeting this week to decide the future of the Legion's club.

According to information e-mailed to the Times, the Legion is nearly out of operating cash and will soon be forced to close its clubhouse on Dorchester's main street.  

Our source told us that date could come within 40 days.

We hope the community and the Legion members will rally to find a way to keep Legion Post #264 an important part of Dorchester's main street and a central part of our village life.



  1. What can we do as a community to save the legion.

  2. This news must make our surviving WWII vets, like Harold Khrivolavek, and Korean War vets, like Bob Kasl, rather sad. Hope we can do something to pitch in.

  3. SO SAD! Our family ancestors (Cernys from Pleasant Hill) hosted many family reunions over a 40+ year time span. Every time I walk in the Dorchester Legion I am flooded with memories of family gatherings there. I was just there last November for the fried chicken and the polka band; it was great! This is a gem and I hate to see it fade way. Unfortunately, many of the veterans who supported this Legion have also faded away; sure there are few left. I love this building and all the memories associated with it. Maybe some community members can figure out a way to save this old girl. Rick Thompson, formerly of Friend, NE

  4. Maybe they could open on the weekends because when we go to the bar it is full so we then go to another town.

  5. For years, the Dorchester Legion has been there for our town. Now our town needs to be there for our Legion.

  6. Whatever happened to the Sons of the Legion? Maybe a combination of the sons and the auxiliary they could keep it open.


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