Thursday, February 5, 2015

DHS Boys Now Playing Over .500 With Easy Win Thursday

(UPDATE: In a heatbreaker, DHS fell Friday night at home to Giltner, 48-54.  The Longhorns move to 9-9 on the season.)

Thursday evening was a big night for the DHS boys basketball team, as the Longhorns managed to turn a big corner and get on the right side of a .500 season.

It was "Retro Night" at the Dorchester School gymnasium, and unlike the crowd -- decked in their vintage Longhorn wear -- the DHS boys never looked back.

By the end of the contest, Dorchester came out on top easily, beating Nebraska Lutheran by a tally of 62-46.

The DHS boys are now 9-8 on the season.

The Longhorns are back in action Friday night with a home contest against 9-8 Giltner -- a very important contest against a similar opponent.

Next week, DHS will travel to Hampton (2-14) and McCool Junction (5-10), before hosting Exeter-Milligan at home on Feb. 20 for the last game of the regular season.
Dorchester does old school — with Debbie Skalak, Sandy Rains, Deanna Sand Bird, Judy Bors and Julie Axline Behrens, Darin Kotas, Lyle Weber, Brad Havlat, Brent Zoubek, Mark Bors, and others.

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