Saturday, December 6, 2014

Which Saline County School Collects The Most State Taxpayer Dollars?

The Dorchester Public School District commands the fewest property tax dollars of any Saline County School District.  

But it's also receiving the least amount of school state aid in the county.

According to official numbers sent to the Dorchester Times, property taxpayers in the Dorchester School district paid roughly $2.65 million last fiscal year.  

These were property taxes paid by farmland owners, businesses, and homeowners.  

The $2.65 million paid by Dorchester School District patrons is $2.40 million more than Dorchester Public School received in state aid, which was $246,957 in fiscal year 2013-14.

Property taxpayers in the Friend School District paid nearly $3.1 million this past fiscal year.  They received about $407,000 in state aid.

Wilber property taxpayers paid just over $5 million and received $787,358 in state aid funding.

In Crete, the story is different, as property taxpayers in that school district paid $8.78 million, but took in $9.15 million state aid from the Unicameral and the state Department of Education.

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