Monday, January 29, 2018

Looking Back: 71 Seasons Ago, Alumni Were On DHS' Regular Season Schedule

Today, let's take the time machine back to December 1946.

That's when the Dorchester alumni took on the DHS boys varsity basketball team in a Friday night match-up on the tiles of DHS' gymnasium. 

The picture to the right is from Dorchester's 1946-47 season.

That first game of the '46-'47 campaign was the opening contest for the high school boys. 

Back then, most smaller communities had "town teams" for adult males and Dorchester had one of the better town teams for basketball and baseball, according to the old-timers and history books.

The Dorchester Star reported that the DHS boys lost to the DHS alumni by a tally of 16-27, unable to recover from a 7-12 halftime deficit.  

The Star reported, "Earl Parks, Tom Parks, Harold Fette and Leonard Bures (the DHS captain) looked good for the high school team," as Don Pisar, W. Plouzek, Dale Arnold and Harry Axline also saw plenty of action for the Longhorns.  

"Doc" Tobiska was the star for the "old grads." 

The alumni team went on to play other games that season against opponents like the Crete VFW.

By the way, for the old-timers of today, the DHS Annual Alumni Basketball Tourney will be March 16-18.  For alumni who wish to participate, call Brent Zoubek, DPS Activities Director, at (402) 418-1019 or e-mail  The Dorchester Community Foundation steak feed will take place that same weekend on Saturday, March 17, according to tradition.  That should be a swinging weekend in Dorchester, as usual.


  1. Look how much slimmer those kids were then compared to teens today!

  2. No lard butts there!

  3. One could say slimmer, but one could also say weaker.

    1. They could hit you where it hurts and you'd never catch them.

    2. Running breeds cowardice....I'd probably still catch em, though.

    3. If you catch them, ask them how your feet look. God knows you haven't seen them in years.


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