Thursday, September 25, 2014

Smile, Dorchester -- You're In One Of America's Happiest States

You have good reason to smile, Dorchester.  Nebraska has just been named (again) one of America's happiest sates.

In a new study conducted by financial website, Nebraska has been named one of America's five happiest states.  

To determine its findings, WalletHub examined 26 key metrics from each of the 50 states. 

This included statistics on financial security, mental and physical health, job situation, environment, social connections, sports participation, volunteerism and general outlook on life.  

Nebraska, according to the study, is ranked the No. 5 happiest of all the states.  Only Utah, Minnesota, North Dakota and Colorado are ranked higher than the Cornhusker State.  Nebraska outshines Colorado in the areas of "work" and "community."

In the category of "work," Nebraska scored very high marks (fourth best) due to its commute times income levels as compared to cost-of-living, and low jobless rate.

Nebraska also performed well in the category of "community, environment and recreational activities" due to its high volunteerism rate, percentage of children in married families, fewer divorces and low crime.

We suggest Nebraskans -- and especially those in Saline County -- need to reinforce to our kids how the grass really is green on OUR side of the fence.  Encourage our young people to make their home here at home.

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