Sunday, August 3, 2014

Update: Dorchester's Latest Construction Boom

For those of you who say nothing ever changes in Dorchester, the summer of 2014 will be one to remember.

Our community of Dorchester is experiencing another construction boom, generating lots of economic activity for our village.

In total, an estimated $3 million of new commercial construction is coming (or has come) to town.  

That does not include the hundreds of thousands of dollars (perhaps more than $1 million) of home renovations that are occurring right now due to storm damage from earlier this summer.

Not bad for a town of 600 residents.

Dorchester's Farmers Cooperative -- one of Nebraska's largest agribusinesses -- is currently breaking ground preparing for an massive expansion of its office headquarters.  Moreover, another new, giant silo has started to go up.  

This eighth additional silo will complement the original co-op elevator.

The last new silo was completed in 2010.

Some estimates put the co-op's new construction alone at just under $2 million.

Meanwhile, the Nebraska Department of Roads has substantially expanded its Dorchester office facility, located just west of the co-op and its newer silos.  The expansion doubled the size of the Department of Roads facilities here in town.

And more construction by the Roads Department appears to be in the works, since the Village of Dorchester has posted a zoning notice on the property west of the DOR office building.

A new agribusiness is being completed on the south end of Dorchester, improving the appearance of Dorchester for those traveling Highway 33. 

According to reports, this business will provide seed and fertilizer to area farmers.  This marks the first business facility to locate in the south side of Dorchester, at least in modern era.

We've also noticed other expansions around town, such such as ongoing improvement to Barley Specialties. We commend L.J. and all the work he has done to invest in his Dorchester business.  He has proved that a small business can be successful in Dorchester.

We have also noticed several homeowners improving their historic homes.  

We commend property owners like Julie and Joe Holly, who have boosted Dorchester pride by improving some of our town's most nostalgic and elegant homes.

Since 2008, Dorchester has seen such a fury of new construction -- a new picnic shelter at the city park (thanks to the Community Foundation and its leaders); a new K-12 school and campus renovation (thanks to the district voters and taxpayers); a new concessions shack and restroom facility at Nerud Field (thanks to several volunteers and community leaders); a new water tower and new wells (thanks again to our taxpayers); and several building improvements.


  1. This is a wonderful thing for our town! Projects like this will improve the economic viability of the town and attract more business and residents. This is truly an ideal place to live, the town has what many places lack...character! The community comes together for things that need doing. The residents are always looking for ways to preserve and improve our small town atmosphere. We should all be proud of where we live and promote Dorchester whenever possible! Stay positive and keep smiling!

  2. you know, after years of hearing people talk about how they wish things would improve, i gotta admit many people are finally ponying up and putting their money where their mouths are.

    Looks good, Dorch! I Agree with the post above.

  3. I only get to Dorchester once a year in September and I like walking around town and see some differences.


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