Monday, August 21, 2017

OUR VIEW: It's Time To Bring Back Dorchester's Fall Festival

We have received word that next door in Crete, they're planning its annual "Great Pumpkin Festival" on Oct. 8. (See details here.)

Good for Crete, we say.  And we encourage our readers to make plans to attend.  After all, fall is a time of celebration.  It's appropriate in this part of the country.

Some of our readers may recall that in the late 1970s, Dorchester held its own fall festival, an idea conceived and organized by school administrators and educators and town leaders. 

Dorchester's autumn celebration was complete with a parade, kid activities, performances and food, like kettle corn and carmel apples.

This recollection made us wonder aloud: Why in the world doesn't Dorchester rekindle this tradition? 
Dorchester needs more community events to get everyone together again -- and get us talking to one another, other than through blogs, text messages or social media posts.
Dorchester -- home of one of the state's largest farmers cooperatives -- is a perfect site for a fall festival.

We already have a fantastic farmers' market each and every Friday during the production months.

In the late '70s, school leaders helped bring about the town's fall festival as a way to unite the entire community and school.  

With no football team playing at Nerud Field again this year, solidifying the bond between DPS and the rest of the Dorchester area community is vital.  (To re-invigorate football, it's time to initiate plans for six man football and all-fall, youth flag football games, some of our staff members say.  But we'll save that for another day.)

Perhaps the Dorchester Community Foundation, business owners, church leaders and Dorchester School personnel can plan a weekend this fall for a town get-together.  There have been crazier ideas.

A parade, fundraisers for student events or organizations, caramel apples, kettle corn -- the opportunities for an enjoyable (and even profitable) weekend are endless.

Doesn't a Dorchester fall festival sound nice? It's an idea whose time has come -- again.


  1. A fall festival for Dorchester would be a great idea! Hopefully,there are some civic leaders who would step forward and organize one before any of the surrounding owns come with such an idea. Just one way of attracting folks and vendors to Dorchester. Cook off's of
    some type, best baked pies, cakes, etc with a small entry fee and proceds going to a charity of some needed type in Dorchester. Highly
    decorated with fall colors, pumpkins, bales of hay, corn stalks, etc. Competitions for small children like apple dunking, etc. Have local law
    enforccment set up a DARE program booth to educate children/adults of the dangers of drugs, alcohol, etc. Make it both a fun and educational time. Contact local HS graduates in surrounding areas so that they might desire to return. (Duane Wheeler)

  2. We just got back to Lincoln after visiting the Dorchester Cemetery. On our way home we drove through Dorchester, there were around 75-100 motorcycles coming into mainstreet from off the Hi Way and entering the West side saloon. So it is possible to get throngs of people from around the state to attend your festivies. Just go for it, do it up big and ADVERTISE!!

  3. Go for it! This could be a good opportunity for the village of Dorchester to make some money. They Legion Club could sell Yum Yums and beer, the new bakery could sell homemade apple and cherry pie with icecream, hot coffee, hot chocolate, etc. A bake sale could be held. Lots of decorations and lots of Advertising would bring lots of people into your village. If I was younger and lived closer, I would be right there to help with this endeavor. Everyone loves Fall Festivals!!! GO FOR IT!!

  4. I love the idea of a fall festival! I know a couple people who love all the ideas on this blog, and would love to help out, but where do you even start? A Dorchester re-vitalization board needs to be made so the people that are eager for change can help make it happen. Or if there is such an organization, how do you get involved?


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