Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Can You Help The DVFD Today?

The volunteers of the Dorchester Fire and Rescue Department make a big sacrifice (physically and financially) to serve and protect the residents of our area.

The Dorchester Volunteer Fire Department is vital to our community.  We need them -- and they need our support in order to be there when needed.

Word has it the DVFD is working to raise funds for much-needed equipment.

Think of the difference we all could make if every person with connections to Dorchester gave just $10, $25 or $50 to the DVFD.

Many of us think nothing of dropping $100 in Lincoln or Omaha when shopping or dining.  Why not ensure some of that hard-earned cash stays in our community by giving to local community groups that are essential to our community's sustainability?

Please consider helping out the Dorchester Fire and Rescue volunteers right now.  

Readers are encouraged to send their donations to:

Dorchester Volunteer Fire Dept. 
P.O.Box 36
Dorchester, NE  68343 


  1. Disclaimer: The Times staff is making this fundraiser appeal.

    It was in no way initiated by DVFD leaders.

    Please donate what you can today!


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